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Zuck, wash your hands! Why are activists sending hand sanitisers to Mark Zuckerberg?


Washington: Before Narendra Modi’s visit to the Facebook headquarters, activists from a group which identified themselves as Alliance for Justice and Accountability (AJA), set up a website called .

The website exhorted people to send Mark Zuckerberg bottles of hand sanitiser Purell, suggesting that the PM Modi’s hands are still tainted from the blood of the Muslims who died in the 2002 riots. If Zuckerberg shakes hands with Modi, the site suggests, he may need a good sanitiser.

Here is what’s written on the website:

”We decided to help Zuck by sending him Purell hand sanitizer.But there’s a lot of blood to clean.So we decided to send a few more bottles.But a few bottles won’t be enough when you count up all the rapes and deaths that Modi was complicit in.So we decided to buy every bottle of hand sanitizer we could find.”

The site even put up a picture of an imprint of a bloodied palm to drive home their point.

If you scroll right down, another message on the page says, “Last week, your concerned neighbors sent over 250 packages of Purell hand sanitizer in the mail, each containing the name of a victim of the Gujarat genocide.”

Zuck, please wash your hands.

With love, from your friends at the Alliance for Justice and Accountability.

On their website called, AJA says, “We stand up for India’s religious minorities, women, LGBTQ people, historically marginalized castes, Dalits and adivasis — as well as everyone who loves a safe and clean environment, civil rights, free speech, net neutrality, online privacy and security, and the right to openly debate and disagree.”

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