Monthly archives: January 2014

Best Space Pictures: Black Holes, Volcanic Smog

Ole’! Chile showcases its skies and mountain heights in the week’s best space pictures, along with Martian mysteries and an intriguing twin quasar. Glaciers in the southern Andes as seen from space. High above Chile, the International Space Station’s crew offers up a lovely look at the glaciers gleaming in the southern Andes, as seen in this January 22 image released by NASA. (See also: “Up on the Farm? Five […]

Anti-government protester leader shot to death in Thailand

STORY HIGHLIGHTS Police: Anti-government protesters had blocked a voting station and shut it down They encountered government supporters and exchanged verbal assaults It’s unclear who killed protest leader Suthin Thararin, police said Protesters have been calling for Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to step down An anti-government protest leader was shot to death Sunday as demonstrators blocked a voting station in Bangkok, police said. Suthin Thararin, a protest leader for the […]


Body of US tourist ‘trampled by elephants’ found in Thailand

Body found of US tourist trampled to death by elephants” Park rangers in Thailand have found the body of an American tourist who was apparently trampled to death by elephants in a reserve outside …Thailand Elephants ‘Trample’ American Tourist – Sky News An American tourist has been found dead in a reserve in Thailand … of the body were broken, so we assumed she was trampled by elephants …American Tourist […]

New book claims THIS picture proves Hitler escaped his Berlin bunker and died in South America in 1984 aged 95

Fuhrer ‘fled to Argentina and then Paraguay before settling in Brazil’ Hunted for treasure with a map given to him by Vatican allies, book claims Author Simoni Renee Guerreiro Dias claims fascist actually died aged 95 Claims he had a black girlfriend to disguise his fascist background Says her suspicions increased after she photoshopped a moustache onto the grainy picture and compared it to photos of the Fuhrer He is […]

Uncovered: The macabre sex chamber of Libya's Colonel Gaddafi where he raped girls - and boys - as young as 14

Colonel Muhammar Gaddafi kept several ‘sex dungeons’ at his palaces Libyan tyrant forced hundreds of young girls to become his sex slaves Gaddafi also had a ‘harem’ of young men called ‘the services group’ Dictator visited schools and ‘chose’ his victims with a pat on the head Gaddafi was killed in October 2011 after 42 years of dictatorship Colonel Muhammar Gaddafi kept several ‘sex dungeons’ at his palaces Libyan tyrant […]

Obama wishes Indians ahead of Republic Day

Obama sent “congratulations and best wishes” on behalf of the American people to the people of India on the occasion of India’s 65th Republic Day. In a message to President Pranab Mukherjee, Obama said, “On this date, we join the people of India in celebrating its inspiring democratic heritage.” “Our partnership has always been guided by our shared values and interests,” he added. “I look forward to working with you […]

9/11 victims' family group criticizes memorial museum fee

STORY HIGHLIGHTS National September 11 Memorial Museum will charge $24 for admission The fee will help balance a $63 million operating budget for 2014, 9/11 memorial president says The museum does not yet receive government funding Relatives of 9/11 victims are exempt from fees, and other discounts are offered The leader of a group representing 9/11 victims’ families on Friday criticized the National September 11 Memorial Museum’s decision to charge […]

Blood Falls and other natural oddities

STORY HIGHLIGHTS Magnetic Hill in New Brunswick is an optical illusion that has fascinated tourists for decades The Moeraki Boulders in New Zealand are what geologists call septarian concretions Lightning and the Midnight Sun also wow visitors — and keep them awake at night Earth never stops surprising us. Every corner of the planet offers some sort of natural peculiarity with an explanation that makes us wish we’d studied harder […]


Police: Maryland mom kills 2 of her children during attempted exorcism

Murder by exorcism? STORY HIGHLIGHTS Zakieya L. Avery, 28, is charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of her kids A second woman is charged after she is released from hospital A day before the deaths, a neighbor called to report suspicious activity Authorities say they notified county child protective services A Maryland mother stabbed two of her children to death and wounded two others while attempting an exorcism, authorities […]

Egypt violence: Deadly blasts rock central Cairo

Orla Guerin reporting in Cairo: ”The target is very high profile” Five people have been killed and nearly 70 wounded after three blasts in the Egyptian capital that appeared to target the police force. The attacks began with a powerful car bomb that exploded outside the police headquarters in central Cairo, killing four people and wounding 51. Within hours, two other blasts occurred elsewhere in the city, killing one person […]