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Ram Navami - Reminiscing the Legend of Lord Rama

28th March, 2015 will be celebrated as Ram Navami, a Hindu festival celebrating the birth of the god Rama. As per the Hindu calendar, Ram Navami falls in the Shukla Paksha on the Navami, the ninth day of the month of Chaitra. This Chaitra Masa Shuklapaksha Navami also marks the end of nine-day Chaitra Navratri. It is said that Lord Vishnu took birth as Rama – oldest known god having […]

Want rice with HALF the calories? Just cook it with coconut oil and refrigerate it overnight before eating

Scientists say cooking the rice this way can cut the calories by up to 60% The method increases the amount of resistant starch (RS) in the rice RS is indigestible to the human body and so is not turned into sugar or fat However, doctors have warned reheating rice can cause food poisoning Do you love rice but are worried about your weight? The good news is scientists have now […]

25 banks lost Rs 12,620 crore to fraudsters in last four years

New Delhi: According to the new documents obtained from the finance ministry, twenty five nationalized banks have lost Rs 12, 620 crore in last four financial years.   The documents revealed that there have been 4,845 cases of bank frauds over this period of time. Out of Rs 12,620, Rs 2, 060.75 crore were lost by five banks headquartered in Karnataka alone. These banks are Canara Bank, Vijaya Bank, Corporation […]

Look after yourself, cultivate yourself and do everything to make yourself useful

I don’t think there is an Asian model as such. But Asian societies are unlike Western ones. The fundamental difference between Western concepts of society and government and East Asian concepts — when I say East Asians, I mean South Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam, as distinct from Southeast Asia, which is a mix between the Sinic and the Indian, though Indian culture also emphasises similar values — is that Eastern […]

Home Remedies For Bruises

The moment you hear the word bruise, you either think about domestic violence or a fight. However, you should know that it is not always because you had a fight and someone punched your face and turned it black and blue, as the traditional description goes. What Causes Bruises? Anyhow, there are several things that can cause bruises on your skin but all bruises are basically caused due to the […]

Micro-pig called Frances Bacon gets pub booze ban after stealing pints

  A pig which lives in a London pub has been banned from the bar and given an alcohol ban after it started stealing pints and butting drinkers. The micro-pig, called Frances Bacon, lives at the Conquering Hero in West Norwood but started “minesweeping”. Customers also started letting her drink beer and cider. Landlords Ian and Vicky Taylor-Ross said they only realised the Vietnamese Pot-Belly was drinking alcohol when she […]

Indian two-year-old sets national archery record

  A two-year-old Indian girl has set a new national record in archery, according to the India Book of Records. Dolly Shivani Cherukuri from Vijaywada in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh – who turns three next week – became the youngest Indian to score more than 200 points at a trial event on Tuesday, reports the Press Trust of India. She fired 36 arrows at a target 5m away, […]

The Top 13 Most Expensive Homes In The World

From the Ambani’s in India to the Villa Leopolda in France, we share with you a nifty little infographic courtesy of DoMyOwnHomeLoan that covers the Top 13 most expensive homes in the world. The Ambani’s come out on top with a home worth $1 Billion which Mukesh Ambani calls “Antilia”. $1 Billion is just a drop in the ocean for Mukesh who has a networth of $22.6 Billion.   See […]

World Cup 2015: SCG awaits gladiatorial contest between India and Australia

A battle of nerves beckons, as India and Australia lock horns at the cricketing citadel of the Sydney Cricket Ground on Thursday in the most intense clash of cricket’s greatest carnival – the ICC World Cup. The stakes for Australia, the co-hosts, went higher as soon as New Zealand secured a place in the final. Australia are four-time world champions, more than anyone else, while India are the defending champions […]

Mars Has Nitrogen, Key to Life: NASA

  NASA’s Curiosity rover has found nitrogen on the surface of Mars, a significant discovery that adds to evidence the Red Planet could once have sustained life, the space agency said Tuesday. By drilling into Martian rocks, Curiosity found evidence of nitrates, compounds containing nitrogen that can be used by living organisms. The Curiosity team has already found evidence that other ingredients needed for life, such as liquid water and […]