Monthly archives: April 2015

Harvard University set to open international office in Mumbai

New York: The US’ prestigious Harvard University is set to open its international offices in India, China and South Africa to facilitate research and academic work for its affiliates in those regions.   Harvard is awaiting approval from the Indian government for its School of Public Health to open an office in Mumbai, a report in the college newspaper The Harvard Crimson said.   Apart from Mumbai, Harvard has authorised […]

Planning of Hindu family not personal matter: VHP

NEW DELHI: On the back of claims by a study of Pew Research Centre that India would surpass Indonesia to become the country with the largest Muslim population by 2050, VHP on Friday once again raked up the ‘Hindus-must-reproduce-more’ issue. It said if Hindus continued to restrict themselves to having one child per family, Muslims would eventually take over the country. It also indicated that parents had no right to […]

Monkeys And Power Cuts Are Stalling India's IT Revolution!

As India launches an $18 billion plan to spread the information revolution to its provinces, the problems it faces are a holdover from the past — electricity shortages, badly planned, jam-packed cities, and monkeys. The clash between the old world and the new is sharply in focus in the crowded 3,000-year-old holy city of Varanasi, where many devout Hindus come to die in the belief that doing so will give […]

World Autism Awareness Day: Caring for a child with ASD

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects the normal brain’s function. The condition makes a person hard to communicate with and relate to other people.   The disability is part of the autism spectrum and therefore is sometimes referred to as an autism spectrum disorder, or an ASD.   It is believed that symptoms occur in the first two years of an individual’s life and the condition remains with the […]


They opened this sick bull’s stomach. What they found inside left me startled

When the good people of Animal Aid Unlimited found this bull wandering the streets in India they already noticed that there was something wrong with him. Tingu, the bull, was very sick and had a bloated and distended stomach. They knew that Tingu had eaten something harmful. But it’s only when they begin operating on him that they recognize the extent of the tragedy. Parental advisory: these pictures are not […]

In conversation with renowned US painter Mher Khachatryan

  Sunil Mantri: What is the type of paintings your do? Oil? Acrylic etc.?  Mher Khachatryan: I paint oil on canvas mostly, but also use acrylic and even work with installations. As an Artist I want to have no limits in expressing my emotions in to my art, it is the time when artist is truly honest.   SM:  You became interested in art when  you were 5 years old. […]