Monthly archives: January 2016


Watch: 'Airlift' theatrical trailer is laced with spine-chilling intensity and vigour!

Are you ready for some January dhamaka? Meet Ranjit Katyal from Kuwait The awaited theatrical trailer of Raja Krishna Menon’s ‘Airlift’ is here. ‘Airlift’ is based on the true events that chronicled during the evacuation of Indians strangled in Kuwait during the Iraq-Kuwait war in 90’s. Akshay Kumar plays the lead role of Ranjit Katyal in the movie, while ‘Lunchbox’ star Nimrat Kaur will be the lady love of Akki. […]

Breathe easy: 5 tips to prevent stuffy nose this winter season

Winter season is that time of the year, when people get more prone to bacteria and viruses that produce toxins causing colds, cough, influenza and yes stuffy nose leading to uneasy blockage of the nasal passage. A stuffy nose is really annoying as it leads to fomation of mucus that may cause lung infection. Here are some easy tips to cure a stuffy nose: -Sipping hot liquids like ginger tea, […]

4 Steps To Making Yourself A Better Person

We all experience them, setbacks. Professionally, within relationships, when trying to make ourselves a better person. The experience of things either not going as planned or failing as a whole. It’s not a good feeling, and it can even keep us from moving forward in our lives in many ways. But through a simple shift in how you handle a setback no matter if it’s a large or small set […]


Unbelievable! Archaeologists discover 800-year-old 'alien mobile phone' in Austria

The video of an 800-year-old object that appears to resemble a mobile phone, and discovered by archaeologists during a dig in Austria, has gone up viral on social media. The object is believed to be a clay copy of the mobile phone with a Sumerian writing style on its keys. Sumerian was an ancient language spoken in around 2000 BC but was forgotten by the 19th century. On the other […]

Adnan Sami is Indian now

It will be an apt New Year’s gift for Pakistani singer Adnan Sami. Mr Sami can become an Indian citizen as soon as he completes the necessary paperwork. The Union Home Ministry cleared the proposal on Wednesday. Mr Sami, who has been staying in India since 2011, will have to fill a citizenship form at the Home Ministry’s office in Delhi and pay Rs 13,700, a senior government official explained. […]