Monthly archives: May 2016


Quick 7 Day Waist Reducing Super Drink

This weight loss recipe will not only help you get hydrated, but it will help you flush out toxins and lose weight fast. It is made of organic and healthy ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, grapefruits and raw honey. Apple cider vinegar: It aids with weight loss by regulating blood sugar levels. Insulin will not direct sugar to be stored as fat. Grapefruit juice: It is one of the […]

Hundreds Of Birds And Animals Burn To Death After Fire Breaks Out In Agra Forest Sanctuary

The burnt remains of birds that could not fly, their nests with eggs and fledglings, and reptiles that were caught unawares in their holes, besides other animals that could not run away in time are all that is left in a four-hectare area of the Soor Sarovar Bird Sanctuary where a fire broke out on Friday, allegedly triggered by sparking from a high-tension wire passing over the protected forest area. […]


Drop everything, Rajinikanth's 'Kabali' teaser is here!

Official teaser to Indian superstar Rajinikanth’s upcoming film ‘Kabali’ is out and it is breaking the Internet already. Within few minutes of its release, the teaser is trending on all social media platforms. At one point in the much-hyped teaser, Rajni is also seen donning a 70s or 80s look. This has made the fans go more curious about the full-length trailer of the forthcoming flick. The Pa Ranjith directorial […]

Monal of Sushness : Day 3,Short Stories by Sushmita Gupta

    (Artwork by Ashwin Pandya) One of the things that Monal ached for at age four was a certain pair of slippers in a particular colour. She got this bug from the local maid who owned a pair. They were made of hard plastic and the colour was akin to a fluorescent pink in a style that separated the big toe from the rest. It even made a sound as the […]

May Day and Work Life Balance

The 1st of May , originally started as a an event to mark the change of seasons from spring to summer. It was late in the 19th century that it started to gain significance as International Workers Day. There is an interesting connection here between May Day and the traditional work hours that we spend at office. The Workers Day commemoration originates from an unfortunate incident called the Haymarket affair […]