Monthly archives: March 2017

Bengaluru's Bellandur lake can heal the world

Maybe we were wrong about Bellandur Lake all along. Given the interest that companies from UK, Israel and now Germany have shown, it seems the lake is not dead and decaying as we had earlier thought. In fact, Bengaluru is perhaps blessed to have such a storehouse of resources in its midst; one would be forgiven to think that we are in Africa, and not India. But let’s keep it straight […]

No more US university dreams? Applications from Indian students see drop

A large number of US colleges are reporting a decline in applications for admission from international students, including from India and China, because of concerns and anxieties about the Donald Trump administration’s travel orders and a growing perception that the United States has become less welcoming of foreigners, according to a new survey. “Nearly 40% of US colleges are seeing declines in applications from international students, and international student recruitment […]

What's behind phantom cellphone buzzes?

Have you ever experienced a phantom phone call or text? You’re convinced that you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket, or that you heard your ring tone. But when you check your phone, no one actually tried to get in touch with you. The Conversation You then might plausibly wonder: “Is my phone acting up, or is it me?” Well, it’s probably you, and it could be a sign […]

Speaking about depression will help you on your way to recovery, says PM Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing the 30th edition of Mann Ki Baat said that depression is curable and those suffering from it only need to speak about it. “We are aware about depression. However, it is true that those suffering from depression are not forthcoming to share their experience with others because he or she feels ashamed to do so. We should change this and encourage them to speak […]


New 'Justice League' trailer is out and, dayum, it's awesome! - WATCH

All your favourite DC superheroes have united and the result is unimaginably awesome. Yes, you guessed it right! Here, we are talking about the recently released trailer of upcoming Hollywood film ‘Justice League’. The trailer starts with the shots of snow-capped mountains accompanied by voice-over from Bruce Wayne aka Batman, telling Wonder Woman that `there is an attack coming,` to which she replies, “not coming, Bruce, it is already here.” […]

Tamil Bride Wearing Saree With Slit In Canadian Magazine Sparks Debate

Canada-based South Asian wedding magazine has sparked a debate online with its cover photo featuring a Tamil bride in a saree with a thigh-high split. A photo of the ‘Jodi’ magazine cover, shared on March 13, has provoked wide-ranging views on Facebook. While some have called the cover “a mockery of culture,” others find it “tasteful and beautiful”.   The cover has model Thanuska Subramaniam sitting on a chair decorated […]

Lack of sleep impairs ability to interpret facial expressions: Study

A new study has found that lack of sleep may impair the ability to interpret facial expressions. Research found that study participants had a harder time identifying facial expressions of happiness or sadness when they were sleep deprived versus well-rested.   The sleepy participants` ability to interpret facial expressions of other emotions — anger, fear, surprise and disgust — was not impaired, however. Lead researcher William DS Killgore, Professor at University […]

Life' movie review: Suspenseful and thrilling

A fantasy sci-fiction, ‘Life’, is a simple, engaging outer-space horror thriller that occasionally shows sparks of brilliance in an otherwise ordinary fare. In many ways it is similar to the 1979 released “Alien”. Director Daniel Espinosa’s film is the tale of a parasite-predator, who is brought to life in a spaceship. How the team of astronauts and scientists are forced to fight for their lives against the evolving alien life […]

He said he will complain to Modi, so I hit him 25 times: Sena MP brags about assaulting Air India officer

A Shiv Sena MP repeatedly hit an elderly Air India officer with sandal in a brazen burst of fury over being unable to travel business class despite having insisted on boarding an all-economy flight. Ravindra Gaikwad, the Lok Sabha MP from Maharashtra’s Osmanabad, slapped and, by his own claim, hit 60-year-old duty manager Sukumar 25 times with his sandal when the official went to persuade him to disembark after he […]

Book Reviw: Perumal Murugan's 'PYRE', may its heat singe some sense into you!

Perumal Murugan’s fiction has the enchanting ability to fill you with dread. To all appearances, his stories are straightforward and simple. But a couple of pages in, you start feeling the robust muscle of society coiling around your neck in a chokehold. Over the next hundred or so pages you find yourself sitting upright in your chair, bed or floor, willing yourself to read as fast you can while simultaneously […]