A foodies guide to kolkata


For those of you who’re from the wonderful ‘City of Joy’ called Kolkata, you’ll relate to this post more than who’ve not been to Kolkata.

If you belong to the later community, you’re missing out on a lot of good food. And when we say GOOD FOOD, we mean GOOD FOOD!

An outsider can tell you the posh places to go when in Kolkata, but if you want to taste the ‘true Kolkata’, only a few people can guide you. Among these people are Sumana Sarkar, a family friend of ours who’s a true foodie. When I went to Kolkata last year in May, she made a special ‘Food Trail’ for me so that I don’t miss out on the best places in Kolkata.

 ‘The Foodie’s Guide To Exploring Kolkata’ to help you make your Food Bucket List the next time you go to Kolkata:

1. Coffee House:

Indian Coffee House - The India Diaries“Coffee House Er Shei Adda Ta Aaj Aar Nei”, that’s for sure. But the ambiance remains the same. You can, at times, find your peace here amidst the crowded College Street. Make sure you try the Mutton Chowmein here. It’s heaven in a chaotic Kolkata.

2. Peter Cat: 

Peter Cat - The India Diaries

Chello Kebabs of Peter Cat need no description. One bite, and you can judge it for yourself. It is an emotion in itself which one must experience in order to understand. Nowhere else in the world will you find such amazing taste in such a price, except for Kolkata.



Source: Picture From Here - ://bit.ly/1ZWvLbc

Lover of good Biryani? Then, Aminia is the place for you. Even though, almost all places in Kolkata serve delectable Biryani, Aminia is special in its own ways. The true Moghlai touch in its food will make you forget your diet.

4. Flurys:

Flurys - The India Diaries

Want a warm, comfortable afternoon to calmly sit and read a book? Flurys is that place. A cozy ambiance with a wide variety of English breakfast and desserts, Flurys is the mirror of contemporary Kolkata. Try their Rum Balls, they’re the best!

5. Badshah: 

Badshah - The India Diaries

Never ever compare a Chicken Roll to a frankie. NEVER. This place in New Market has some of the  best chicken rolls you’ll ever find in Kolkata.

6. Malancha:

Malancha - The India Diaries

Malancha near Town School in Shyambazar is where you need to be if you want Kolkata’s best Fish Fry or Mutton Cutlet. Don’t judge the place on its appearance, because if you do, you’re depriving yourself of some amazing food.

This was just our list of the places you need to eat at when in Kolkata. Add on by sharing and commenting on the post and we might just make a Part 2 of this post. Keep hogging!


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