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Why the Cancer Cases in Fukushima Aren't Likely Linked to the Nuclear Disaster

An increase in thyroid cancer may just reflect the intensive testing of children. Three years after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, reports are surfacing of a “cancer cluster.” The Japanese government has reportedly tested 254,000 of the 375,000 children and adolescents in Fukushima Prefecture and found 33 cases of thyroid cancer. In Japan, the rate of this disease in 10- to 14-year-olds is typically one or two per million. The […]


Plane nose gear collapses on Philadelphia runway

The nose gear on a U.S. Airways plane that was about to take off with 149 people on board collapsed on the runway at Philadelphia International Airport. Jillian Kitchener reports.   Please follow and like us:

Thousands clash with police during the funeral of a young boy in Turkey (PHOTOS)

Riot police clashed with demonstrators in several Turkish cities for a second day on Wednesday as mourners buried a teenager wounded in protests last summer, unrest which a defiant Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan cast as a plot against the state. Police fired water cannon, tear gas and rubber pellets on a major Istanbul avenue to stop tens of thousands of people chanting anti-government slogans from reaching the central Taksim square. […]

Syria crisis: Number of children in need doubles to 5.5 million

Many Syrian children have been left without protection, medical care or psychological support The number of Syrian children in need has more than doubled in the past year to 5.5 million, the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) says. Up to a million are living under siege and in areas that the agency and other humanitarian organisations cannot access, according to a new report. Children in Syria have lost “lives and […]


We have a problem: The science behind rising seas

How a Greenland glacier passed its tipping point — and what that means for a billion of the world’s coastal dwellers. Around the village of Ilulissat, Greenland are icebergs that broke off from the Jakobshavn Glacier. As sea levels around the globe rise, researchers affiliated with the National Science Foundation and other organizations are studying the melting glaciers and long-term ramifications. (Joe Raedle, AFP/Getty Images) A hundred years after it […]

Australia's Queensland hit by record drought

Some farmers struggling because of the drought have started selling their cattle Australia’s Queensland is suffering its most widespread drought on record, with almost 80% of the state now included in the list of affected areas. Queensland received little rain in February, which is normally the wettest month of the year, local officials say. This contrasts to three years ago, when much of the state was flooded, forcing thousands to […]

Asteroid passing Earth will be closer than moon

An asteroid is headed this way. But even though it will come closer than the moon, astronomers say it will pose no danger. The newly discovered asteroid, called 2014 DX110, will hurtle between the moon and Earth on Wednesday. DX110 will pass an estimated 217,000 miles from Earth. That’s approximately nine-tenths of the distance between the moon and Earth. The asteroid is an estimated 45 to 130 feet across. Relatively […]

Tears and triumph as Lupita Nyong'o accepts her Best Supporting Actress Oscar and 12 Years A Slave is named Best Picture

Gravity cleans the board with SEVEN Oscars… but misses the big one Cate Blanchett is Best Actress for Blue Jasmine Matthew McConaughey named Best Actor for Dallas Buyers Club as Jared Leto scoops Best Supporting Actor Disney’s Frozen wins Best Animated Feature It was an emotional night for the cast and crew of 12 Years A Slave, as the film took home the award for Best Picture at Sunday night’s […]

Chinese police save hundreds of babies from online trading racket

STORY HIGHLIGHTS China busts crime networks using the internet to sell babies, authorities say Police arrest 1,094 suspects and rescue 382 babies in the sting Local media say some arrests took place in Sichuan and Anhui provinces China has smashed four child-trafficking rings and arrested more than a thousand people for using websites and instant messaging groups to trade babies, Chinese authorities said Friday. On February 19, police from 27 […]

Go inside the real 'hell' on Earth — if you dare

Take a look at this stunning photo of Tolbachik, an active volcanic complex on the Kamchatka Peninsula in far eastern Russia. Lava fountains and rivers ran through the area for months after the eruption began with the opening of two Tolbachik fissures in November of 2012. In the midst of this activity, photographers Luda and Andrey (lusika33) took a trip down to see that stunning hell valley on earth   […]