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Bill Gates is gone. Microsoft is now officially Satya Nadella's

In case there was any doubt, the Satya Nadella era has arrived at Microsoft. Nadella announced Thursday that Microsoft (MSFT, Tech30) will cut 18,000 jobs within the next year, part of his push to slim down the company and narrow its focus. Analysts see this strategy shift as long-overdue. Microsoft dominated the tech industry when Nadella’s predecessor, Steve Ballmer, took over from founder Bill Gates in 2000. But in the […]

Malaysian passenger plane carrying 295 people 'shot down' over Ukraine near Russian border

Malaysian Airlines passenger jet shot down over Ukrainian/ Russian border The jet had 295 passengers on board and was travelling at 33,000 feet A Malaysian Airlines passenger plane has been shot down on the Russian-Ukraine border, killing all 295 people on board, according to a Ukrainian interior ministry official.   Flight MH17, which was carrying 280 passengers and 15 crew, was flying between Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpar after taking off […]

Early risers 'less moral at night'

“Morning people”, who are more alert early in the day, are more likely to cheat and behave unethically in the night hours, researchers say. Psychologists found that early-rising “larks” and late-night “owls” had different levels of honesty depending on the time of day. The study found a link between ethical choices and such internal clocks. Sunita Sah, research fellow at Harvard University in the US, said this had “implications for […]

Asian Nations' Fears of War Elevated as China Flexes Muscle, Study Finds

Large majorities in many Asian countries fear that China’s territorial ambitions could lead to war, according to the Pew Research Center, in a finding with implications for U.S. foreign policy in a region that increasingly looks to America for protection. A widespread worry that military conflict over territorial disputes may disrupt the region is among the findings of a public-opinion survey of 44 countries by the Washington-based Pew. Another global […]

9 Simple Things To Do When You Don’t Feel Like You’re Good Enough

We all need a motivational boost from time to time. While we would like to think of ourselves as machines, the truth is that we aren’t. We are animals. We are organisms. We have minds, and minds cannot possible run on high indefinitely. We require much more maintenance and finesse in handling ourselves and making sure that we get the work done that needs to get done. To top it […]

Liberal immigrations norms make Canada new destination for techies

With US tech visas getting more difficult for Indians, Canada is the new destination. For Indian techie entrepreneurs and even venture capitalists, Canada is making it easier to make it their home. Canada’s immigration minister Chris Alexander told TOI in a conversation, “We are telling all brilliant young technology minds, ‘if you can get Canadian venture capital, or an angel investor to back you with funds or just with their […]

Natural Ways To Tackle Irregular Menstrual Periods.

On an average most women will have between 11 and 13 menstrual periods each year. You might be amongst the many who end up on the lower end of the scale. A “missed” or irregular period is very subjective as it needs to be looked at in terms of what is normal for the individual. Menstrual periods are often irregular during the first few years after menstruation starts. It may […]

I'm gay, says former Australian Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe

Five-time Olympic swimming champion Ian Thorpe has revealed he is gay in an interview on Australian television. The 31-year-old told British journalist Sir Michael Parkinson on Channel 10: “I’ve thought about this for a long time. I’m not straight.” Thorpe had previously denied he was gay and wrote in his 2012 autobiography ‘This Is Me’ that he was heterosexual. Australia’s most decorated swimmer has suffered from depression and was in […]

Naked selfies extracted from 'factory reset' phones

Thousands of pictures including “naked selfies” have been extracted from factory-wiped phones by a Czech Republic-based security firm. The firm, called Avast, used publicly available forensic security tools to extract the images from second-hand phones bought on eBay. Other data extracted included emails, text messages and Google searches. Experts have warned that the only way to completely delete data is to “destroy your phone”. Most smartphones come with a “factory […]

LG Builds a TV That You Can Roll Up Like a Poster

Pretty soon setting up a TV will be as easy as unrolling a poster, if LG has anything to say about it. The Korean electronics manufacturer unveiled a new kind of big-screen display that is ultra-thin and rolls up, and it expects to put the tech into TVs by 2017. Flexible displays have been around for years, but LG Display has taken the concept up a couple of notches with […]