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8 Places That Are Always Better To Enjoy Alone

I’m not sure if I was born this way or if I just became this way after the wear and tear of time, but I really like being alone. I like going to parks by myself and walking for hours alone with my thoughts. I hate going to museums with crowds of even one and won’t be apt to spend money on a movie if I know I have to […]

12 Courageous Things Every Person Should Do Before Turning 30

If you think your time is running out and life is moving faster than you can keep up with, you’re not delusional, you’re perceptive. Time is moving faster and you are starting to lose the race. Before you realize it, you will wake up and be 30, looking back on things you wish you had accomplished, or at least attempted, in your twenties, when the world seemed a little less […]

Message in a bottle found 101 years after it was tossed into the sea

In 1913, a man named Richard Platz threw a bottle into the sea carrying a message that would later be found and presented to his granddaughter last Tuesday … 101 years later.Angela Erdmann, 62, never met her grandfather, Platz, as he died before she was born. But receiving the bottle on Tuesday was an extraordinary moment for her. The bottle was found last month by fisherman Konrad Fischer off the […]

Four years after she was told she would never walk again, Amy Paradis takes her first steps with the help of a bionic exoskeleton

In Pic :Left: The Ekso Bionics bionic suit weighs about 20 kilos. Right: Using the suit, Amy Paradis walks for the first time since 2009. The first thing Amy Paradis did Monday morning was stand up. Then her lip began to tremble and she cried, and then her Mom and her trainer and everybody else in the room cried. They just broke right down. Sobbing. Heaving. Leaking out tears of […]

Zero rupee network? 4 Bangalore boys offer free phone calls without internet

Bangalore,India : Imagine making phone calls for hours without having to pay a penny, even when you do not have an internet connection. It is possible now due to an ambitious startup with a 23-year-old chief executive that is still in its early days. The catch: you have to listen to advertisements every two minutes. Even as free voice chats over the Internet using applications like Skype and Viber revolutionise […]


First video of orphaned bear cubs will melt your heart

The Oregon Zoo showed off its latest additions, three tiny Amercian black bear cubs, as they grunt, squeak and try to stand on wobbly legs. The bears were rescued from a hollow log by a logging crew in western Oregon. Fearing that heavy machinery may have scared off the cubs’ mother, loggers contacted the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, who turned the cubs over to the zoo after unsuccessfully […]

Vancouver ranked top city in North America for quality of life

It probably comes as no surprise to those living there (full disclosure, that includes me), but Vancouver has been rated North America’s best city in terms of quality of life. Top quality of living cities in North America: 1. Vancouver, BC 2. Ottawa, ON 3. Toronto, ON 4. Montreal, QC 5. San Francisco, CALowest quality of living cities in North America: 5. Miami, Fla. 4. Houston, Tex. 3. St. Louis, […]

Missing Chicago student Pravin Varughese found: Student found dead after 6 days

(KTVI) – The body of a missing Southern Illinois University student has been found in Carbondale, but police don’t believe there was any foul play surrounding nineteen year old Pravin Varughese’s death. The young man disappeared after leaving a party last Wednesday.  He had tweeted that his knuckles were bloody and that he may have been in a fight.  Police now say an altercation occurred, but it had nothing to […]

India tiger kills 10th person in 6 weeks

A tiger from the Corbett Tiger Reserve in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand is shown in a file photo. Forest officials said another tiger who strayed from the park killed its 10th human victim in six weeks on Sunday. (Corbett Tiger Reserve/Associated Press). A tiger prowling near villages in northern India killed its 10th person in six weeks, a day after eluding a trap set by hunters with a […]

In search of the California sea otter

The central California coast is known for its beautiful beaches, soaring cliffs, towering redwoods and world-class surf breaks. Lesser known – but wildly important to the health of the ocean – is the world’s entire population of southern (or California) sea otters. These dynamic animals are a keystone species without which the coastal ecosystem would collapse. Sea otters along the central California coast can spend their entire lives in the […]