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I recently had a friend visit my beachy apartment in California from New York City — also known as “The Concrete Jungle.” She was mesmerized by the amount of plants I had in my home, calling them lively and elegant. I was a bit surprised by her confusion. I grew up with a garden, plants perfectly placed to ignite life throughout the home, and as an adult, surrounded by quite […]


Venus-Jupiter conjunction on August 27: Viewing tips! (Watch)

Stargazers will be treated to a spectacular celestial show this weekend, the Venus-Jupiter conjunction. On the evening of August 27, the sky’s two brightest planets – Venus and Jupiter – will come so close to each other and appear as one large, bright star in the sunset sky, providing space enthusiasts an opportunity to witness the stunning show. During their conjunction, Venus and Jupiter will be only about 1/15th degree […]

Indian Officials At Rio Provided No Water For Marathon Runner Jaisha, Who Fainted At Finish Line

India’s national record holder in marathon O P Jaisha’s Rio timing was 2 hours 47 minutes. Her timing for the same event in Beijing Worlds last year was 2 hours 34 minutes. Why such a big change in timings? Because Indian Officials didn’t give a crap about her run. But how is it an official’s fault? How can the officials help her win? Marathon runners who run for 42 kilometers […]

Jihadi Jane: Tabish Khair’s book attempts to answer the question 'why jihad?'

In a world where readily believable first-hand accounts from the frontlines of the war against terror are abound in the same pensive space that authors on this side of the line are trying to define, there is probably little that an author can do with fiction that non-fiction hasn’t already. In other words, the war in Syria and the rise of the Islamic State have supplied enough narratives written along […]

16 professional life lessons by Dhirbubhai Ambani might help you achieve big!

Dhirubhai Ambani- Messiah for ordinary dreamer Dhirubhai Ambani had been a symbol of struggle, hark work, passion, and achievement. The Ambani Empire which was once a dream of a naïve village guy from Junagadh, Gujarat turned him into one of the top successful entrepreneurs of the world. Known for his fiery instinct, burning passion, futuristic outlook, and an indomitable will, Dhirubhai Ambani started off on his own with just 500 […]

True nationalism: Ten ways in which you can show your love for India

How many ways can you love your country? Actually, being Indian is the first way, by which I mean holding an Indian passport. In my case, three passports. This is because Indians are required to get advance visas for most countries, and I travel a lot. So I have to carry with me two expired passports which have long term valid visas. I have never really worked outside India much […]

Urjit Patel succeeds Raghuram Rajan as new RBI Governor

Ending days of speculation, deputy RBI Governor Urjit Patel has been appointed as the new Governor of the Central Bank. He will succeed Raghuram Rajan. Patel, the 24th RBI Governor, will serve a three-year term with effect from September 4. “The Appointments Committee of Cabinet has approved the appointment of Dr. Urjit R. Patel as Governor, Reserve Bank of India for a period of three years,” said the statement from […]


The first trailer for Amy Adams’ Arrival has arrived, and it’s amazing

Denis Villeneuve, the Canadian director behind Sicario, Incendies and Prisoners is one of the finest filmmakers in the business right now. And if the first trailer for his upcoming science fiction film Arrival is any indication, he has no intention of breaking his winning streak. On paper, Arrival is the archetypal story of a close encounter. It is the story of the arrival of alien ships, much like how it […]

Mythological tales behind Raksha Bandhan

  Significance of Rakhi Raksha Bandhan, also known as Rakhi, is a very popular festival in India and is celebrated with great pomp and grandeur. It is considered a very auspicious and special festival in the Northern parts of India. Every festival celebrated in India has a rich history from it first started and how it came to be celebrated as a festival. Raksha Bandhan celebrates sibling love The festival […]

Sedentary behaviour contributes toward heart problems; study advises more moving!

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the biggest culprits of poor health and means inviting a truck load of health problems in the long term, including heart disease and stroke, apart from other issues.   This warning has come by way of a study published in the journal Circulation, which strictly advises less sitting and more moving.   The findings showed that sedentary behaviour may be also associated with an […]