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Mumbai couples provide free food to needy in memory of their son

Mumbai couples provide free food to needy in memory of their son n our country, it is impossible for many to get one square meal a day. there are thousands of people living below the poverty line for whom getting any food is a task. For them, if they manage to scavenge food from somewhere even once, that is perhaps the happiest day of their lives. There are many dying […]

In Solomon Island of Pacific -Trees are brought down by cursing

In The movie Taare Zameen Par The art teacher tells the rude and cursing father of the dyslexic kid about *Solomon Islands..* In those islands, the tribal don’t cut down a tree. *They surround the tree and curse it for hours every day..* Within a few weeks, the tree dries up and becomes dead.. Many of us might find that example too difficult to believe. How can intangible and invisible […]

Class 6 Vedant Creates Solar Light From Discared Laptop Battery

Meet Vedant Dhiren Thaker, a Grade 6 student of Shantinagar High School, who, unlike other children his age, spends a major part of his day thinking about ways in which he can provide free electricity to the country. In his quest, armed with his love for all things electronic, he has designed and developed a power source which has been made from scratch with a recycled laptop battery. Vedant is a […]

Why doesn't Easter have a fixed date?

Easter and Christmas are both very important Christian holidays, but while families always gather on Dec. 25 in the winter, the annual spring celebration changes drastically each year on our calendars. Steven Engler, a professor in religious studies at Mount Royal University, says the basic reason the two differ is because Christmas is fixed to a solar calendar, near the winter solstice, and Easter is based on the Jewish lunar […]


The incredible moment in which a deaf woman hears for the first time

Joanne Milne has not heard a single word, bird chirp or music note for 39 years. Four weeks ago, she got electronic cochlear implants. This is the exact moment when she hears for the first time and starts to cry overwhelmed by the feeling and emotion. I don’t blame her! I felt overwhelmed and teared up just by watching it, but I can’t even begin to imagine her feelings. According […]

Oscar Pistorius trial: Defence case postponed

The defence in the murder trial of Oscar Pistorius has been postponed until 7 April as one of the assessors assisting the judge has been taken ill. The athlete had been expected to take the stand on Friday. The trial, in the South African city of Pretoria, has already heard 15 days of prosecution-led testimony. Mr Pistorius denies deliberately shooting his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, in February 2013, saying he mistook […]

Dubai Aquarium. One of the largest tanks in the world !!!

Dubai Aquarium. One of the largest tanks in the world !!! The Dubai Mall is the world’s largest shopping mall based on total area and sixth largest by gross leasable area. Located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, it is part of the 20-billion-dollar Downtown Dubai complex, and includes 1,200 shops Please follow and like us:

South Korean doctors warn smartphones cause 'digital dementia'

South Korean doctors have found that increasing use of smartphones among young Koreans has led to a surge in incidence of “digital dementia” characterized by deterioration of cognitive abilities and symptoms found in people who have suffered head injury. According to Dr. Byun Gi-won, a South Korean expert in cognitive problems related to computer and smartphone usage at the Balance Brain Center in Seoul, the high incidence of digital dementia […]

Look out --The new Asian tiger mosquito is invading U.S.

There’s a new pest invading many American towns, and it’s about as menacing as it sounds: the Asian tiger mosquito. Named for the black-and-white stripes on its body, the Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) was first brought to Texas in a shipment of tires (which are notorious for holding the standing water that mosquitoes require for breeding), the Wall Street Journal reports. The bug is worrisome for several reasons: Unlike […]