Board exams 2015: Feeling exhausted? Beat it with 9 tips from world of medicine



Do you feel exhausted all the time? Is it bogging you down and not allowing you to concentrate while preparing for the board examinations. You are not alone, many students complain of exhaustion before and during examinations. A combination of factors including stress, irregular sleep, imbalanced meals and lack of physical exercise contribute to exhaustion.

Don’t feel helpless. You can regain your energy and focus by following these simple mind- body tips from the world of medicine.

Get sufficient sleep: Many students sleep late at night and get up early in the morning. Such improper sleeping pattern can disrupt mental focus and therefore you are advised to have 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep with 15-20 minutes of power nap during the day.

Exercise regularly: Do regular exercise, even if it is simple back /stretching exercises carried out after every 2-3 hours. Regular exercise reduces stress and makes one feel better. Doing exercises at regular intervals helps in busting stress and keeps you fit during the exams.

Manage Timing of intake and content of food: Have small meals at regular intervals. Avoid greasy food items. Take food which are rich in omega 3 essential fatty acids. They are considered ‘focus enhancing foods’ and are recommended for better concentration. Example of such items are: Fish (grilled/ baked/ steamed), walnuts, flaxseeds, almonds.

Take adequate salt: You should maintain salt balance in your diet. Take it in adequate amount.

Eat fruits: Eat at least two fruits daily to maintain adequate potassium intake.

Have fluids with electrolytes: Have sips of fluids with electrolytes throughout the day. Example: jaljeera/ nimbu paani/ lemonade/ buttermilk (chaach).

Avoid drinks containing caffeine: Try reducing the consumption of tea/ coffee/ energy drinks which contain caffeine.

Some exposure to sunlight is necessary: At least 15 minutes of exposure to sunshine daily is quite helpful.

Supplement food with vitamin and calcium on doctor’s advice: Sometimes vitamin tablets (B12, vitamin D), or calcium becomes necessary; and your physician will decide when to supplement it.

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