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Boost your brain power with this


Here are simple ways to stay more alert

Take a break
Breaking your head to find a solution but failing abysmally? Step back, take a break and focus on something else. When you can’t seem to figure out the right solution, it is a good idea to pry yourself away from your laptop and cell phone and step out for some fresh air.

Have dark chocolate
Instead of munching on bars of regular chocolate, have some dark chocolate, which contains flavonoids — brain-boosting chemicals that enhance cognitive skills by creating new neurons in your brain, improves ability to make memories, and increases blood flow to brain.

Work it out
Doing high-energy cardio gives your brain a high.

Play video games
While this may seem a dubious inclusion in this list, research says playing video games exercises your mind, improves memory, alertness and the ability to switch between tasks more quickly.

Have conversations
When was the last time you had a really stimulating conversation? Well, here’s some news that will interest you. According to research, when you isolate yourself from people, you’re setting yourself up for declining mental function in your later years. Humans have been equipped with a range of communication skills, which need to be used. The wider your social contacts, the lesser cognitive decline they experience with ageing.

Look at nice pictures
Find babies or animals cute? Look at their pictures! Experts say even looking at pictures that make you feel good and bring a smile to your face can do wonders for your alertness levels.

Chew some gum
Experts say chewing gum not only helps reduce the formation of bacteria and improves jaw muscles, it also makes you feel more alert. Mint-flavoured gum reduces feelings of tiredness and improves memory.

Learn to sing
Music has long been associated with a host of benefits. And learning how to play an instrument or even singing is a challenging workout for your brain, giving it a much-needed boost.

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