Bronze age weapons have an outer-space connection

Bronze age weapons have an outer-space connection

Bronze age weapons have an outer-space connection

In a recent study conducted on the weapons used in the Bronze Age, the iron that was used to make the weapons and the artefacts from the Bronze Age are claimed to have an extraterrestrial origin. This somehow explains the fact about how our ancestors were able to use metal and make weapons out of it without smelting the same.

The research has been led by French scientists in a Journal on Archaeological Sciences, which focuses on the analysis of earthly and extraterrestrial metals of the bronze age across the world. In the research, the study of ratios of iron, cobalt, and nickel has been conducted in these weaponry artefacts. The researchers have created a system in order to differentiate production of iron through smelting from ores and iron of meteoric origin.

Meteorites have been known as the greatest source of iron and the scientific community tends to emphasise on the same. They are of the opinion that these meteors might have contributed to the weapons made in the Bronze Age. They are rare and prized.

The iron age began somewhere around 1200 BCE whereas the Bronze Age began approximately 2000 years prior to the iron age. Therefore, anyone who boasted about the amount of iron they possessed, in the form of weapons or jewellery had essential and significant economic and military advantages in comparison to their rivals.

The researchers, in their study performed a non-destructive chemical analysis of the Bronze Age weapon samples with the help of portable x-ray fluorescence spectrometer in situ. They studies beads, daggers, pendants, axe, and other artifacts from all over the world at that time.

The terrestrial iron ore needs to be reduced before it can actually be used to create weapons and objects for use. However, the meteoric iron ore found in these artefacts was in a prior metallic state, which means it was just ready for use. It did not need the help of any innovations and techniques at that time like smelting, which actually began in the Iron Age.

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