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November 1st world vegan day

November 1st world vegan day Veganism is practised both as a diet (to abstain from all food items using animal products) as well as a philosophy (which rejects the commodity status of animals). One who practises either of the two is said to be a vegan. Vegan Day first occurred on November 1st, 1994 as a way of commemorating the 50th anniversary of the UK Vegan Society and indeed the term “Vegan”. […]

13 MN need help in Syria United Nations

13 MN need help in Syria United Nations Over 13 million people in the territory of Syria are in dire need humanitarian assistance, currently, according to the UN Humanitarian Chief. They need proper housing assistance, food, health care facilities, and other basic needs. The Security Council at UN was told that the number of Syrians who have been displaced has come down from 6.3 million to 6.1. However, still the […]


In Karnataka, a satyagraha demanding 0% GST on handmade products highlights a larger issue

In Karnataka, a satyagraha demanding 0% GST on handmade products highlights a larger issue For theatre person and social activist Prasanna, starting an indefinite hunger strike or satyagraha as a mark of protest comes as organically and naturally as the handloom clothes he wears and makes. The Gandhian has used satyagraya (a passive resistance often referred to as the “truth force” propounded by Mahatma Gandhi in his fight against the […]

Gandhi Jayanti Non Violence and Peace Day

Non-Violence and Peace Day On 15 June 2007 the United Nations General Assembly voted to establish 2 October as the International Day of Non-Violence.This day is referred to in India as Gandhi Jayanti. On Oct 14, 2017, NYCO (Natraj Youth Cultural Organization) organized the 7th Annual event in celebration of Gandhi Jayanti (Birthday of Mahatama Gandhi) at the Radha Krishna Temple in Scarborough. NYCO executed an Art Competition themed AHIMSA, […]

World Food Day: Some facts about world hunger & what you can do to prevent food wastage

It’s a sobering fact: The world produces enough food to feed everyone, yet 800 million people go hungry. On World Food Day, consumers who have the good fortune of living in countries where the grocery store shelves are always well-stocked are being reminded to do their part in reducing world hunger. To mark the founding of the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) in 1945, October 16 is designated […]

Say No to Crackers!

Say No to Crackers! Diwali is the festival of lights, energy, and joy. On the other hand, it is the festival of getting hazy under the influence of air and noise pollution. Those flashy crackers and zestful rockets are the reason why children and adults alike enjoy the festival to its fullest but what about the environment and surroundings that we are living in? Is it pollution free? The answer […]

Oakville Hospital Foundation's Diwali fundraiser event achieves new milestone

The Oakville Diwali Gala one of the most sought-after events in the Halton region of Ontario, Canada. Traditionally dressed guests, members of The Oakville Hospital foundation, friends and families were all in attendance to celebrate the festival of lights in it’s true meaning, to give, share and shine upon. Organised for the noble cause of securing state of the art equipment to assist The Oakville Hospital Foundation (OHF), the spirit […]

Violence against women in Delhi still on the rise with a rape reported every FOUR hours and a 300% increase in reports since the 2012 Nirbhaya horror

The 2012 Delhi rape shocked the world brought into focus crimes against women In 2012 police had registered 706 FIR (complaints) of rapes but it has increased In 2013 that number rose to 1,636 rapes, and again three folds higher in 2014, 2015 and 2016 with police registering 2,166, 2,199 and 2,155 FIRs respectively Despite the best efforts, Delhi Police has been unable to stop or even slow the rise […]

30 CRORE MISSED CALLS needed for the Rally for Rivers

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is one of the most spiritually influential people of our times who can be best described as a Yogi or a Mystic and a Visionary. The founder of the Isha Yoga Foundation (Headquarters: Coimbatore,India) which has its centres spread all around the world, is an exemplary example of his vision which manifested because of his deepest longing, of offering one drop of spirituality to every human being […]

Rohingyas a ‘serious security threat’: Centre stands firm on deporting ‘illegal immigrants’, asks Supreme Court not to interfere

The Narendra Modi government on Monday told the Supreme Court that the Rohingya Muslims’ illegal immigration into India was illegal and their continued stay poses a serious security threat to the nation.  Filing its response on the issue of deportation of Myanmar’s ethnic minority Muslim community from India, the Centre told the top court that it has intelligence inputs of links between many Rohingya Muslims and Pakistan’s ISI and the […]