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India's gender inequality has led to millions of 'unwanted' girls:Economic Survey highlights

The Economic Survey has mentioned that the desire for a male child has created 21 million “unwanted” girls in India between 0 and 25 years. The Survey has taken note of the behavioural pattern of Indian parents who prefer to have children “until the desired number of sons are born.” Calling this the “son meta-preference,” the Survey has found that while an average Indian family prefers to have two children, […]

CLAMORWORLD SPECIAL : Rape A Symbol Of Social Degeneration, Need To Stop Now!

Four rapes in 24 hours. Shocking, heinous, inhuman! Almost any adjective that you can use seems to fall short in describing the atrocities that have been committed. 10-year old girls, 14-year old teenagers! Do they really deserve to die the brutal death they have. Committing necrophilia soon after murdering a girl! Is it normal, is it anyway human? The question is what is wrong with men? The incidents in the […]

Meet the Vyapam Whistleblower Who Has Been Fighting Corruption for Over 8 Years!

Who is Ashish Chaturvedi? Hailing from Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh, 27-year-old Ashish Chaturvedi is a post graduate in Political Science and one of the prime whistleblowers in the Vyapam scam. He shot to fame after a picture of him dragging his bicycle with a police constable following him became viral on social media a few years ago. What was the Vyapam scam? It was an admission & recruitment scam that […]


Hip-Hop song on the story of ‘Kachrapur’ by children

This video to remind adults of the waste management crisis.  Beautiful landscapes have turned into despicable sights with heaps of garbage dump lying around, and the unaware dwellers and residents are to blame for it. There is a lot that both citizens and civic authorities can do to tackle the garbage problem, which is already gargantuan in its proportion. It’s a shame that children have to speak up – or, as […]

Journalists keep getting murdered with impunity in Mexico

Gumaro Pérez Aguilando was gunned down on Tuesday while attending a Christmas event at his son’s school in the Mexican state of Veracruz. Miroslava Breach was shot to death in March while she drove her child to school in Chihuahua state. In May, Javier Valdez was pulled from his car in broad daylight and murdered outside his office in Sinaloa. All three victims had something in common: They were journalists. […]

Migration levels fall in India from Bangladesh and Pakistan: UNDESA Reports

The latest reports by the United Nations have reported that the population of Bangladeshi migrants living in India has come down to 3.1 million in the current times. Since the beginning of the year 2000 this figure has come down by 800,000 the report states. The year 2000 saw the number of Bangladeshi migrants in India at 3.9 million, which has now come down to 3.1 million in 2017. Moreover, […]


When 150 artistes one together for children with special needs, you get one amazing song

When 150 artistes one together for children with special needs, you get one amazing song It’s not every day that you see a handful of artistes coming together for a musical collaboration. So, what would it be like to have, not five, not 10, but 150 artistes performing together on a single song? The answer to that question is “The One Song”, composed by Bengaluru-based music director duo Venky-Varun and […]

Bhopal gas tragedy: What had happened this day 33 years ago?

Bhopal gas tragedy: What had happened this day 33 years ago? Bhopal is known for its historical records, artificial lakes and greenery but most of all, the city is remembered across the globe for the worst industrial mishap of the world. Post-midnight on December 3, 1984 – three days after assassination of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, poisonous gas that leaked from the factory of Union Carbide in Madhya […]

India's communications regulator endorses net neutrality

India’s communications regulator endorses net neutrality On Nov. 28, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) released its recommendations on net neutrality that make it mandatory for telecom companies to treat the internet—declared a basic human right by the United Nations—as a public utility and not a luxury. Telecom companies cannot control the content people access or the speed at which all online traffic flows, TRAI said, nor can they […]

Indian BPO Workers Face Racial Abuse Regularly, Says Study

Indian BPO Workers Face Racial Abuse Regularly, Says Study Every time her client hangs up, the young woman from Hyderabad goes to the washroom and weeps. Then she dries her eyes and returns to her desk — to pick up her phone and her fake American identity and drawl once again. She is one of the many workers in call centres who face racial abuse from people viewing them as […]