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Eliminating emissions in India and China can add years to people's lives

About 2.7 billion people who live in China and India– which is more than a third of the world’s population–regularly breathe polluted air. According to a recent study, eliminating harmful emissions from power plants could save an estimated annual 15 million years of life in China and 11 million years of life in India. Air pollution is one of the largest contributors to death in both countries, ranked 4th in […]


MUKTA Advertising is excited to be promoting partner for the 2nd Annual Cancer Warrior Foundation Diwali Dinner and Dance Gala on November 2, 2018 at Apollo Convention Centre from 6:30 pm onwards. Cancer Warrior Foundation Canada (CWFC) headed by Navneet Sharma, the organization is trying to raise awareness for breast cancer in the South Asian community. CWFC plans to Celebrate Life with Lights and promises not only unique entertainment but […]


Burger King, the most popular fast food brand, recently confessed that they have been used horse meat so that the whoppers and the burgers are made. However, this was not admitted in the past, since they denied these claims. This fast food chain finally gave up pretending and apologized to the honest costumers about the test being wrong all the time. The name of the firm which produced meat from […]

Printing Paper On Both Sides In Supreme Court Cases = Saving 2,000 Trees, 24,000 Tankers Of Water: Study 

A small change in the Supreme Court’s paper usage could save enough water to provide for 12 million people. As many as 61,520 cases were filed in the Supreme Court between October 2016 and September 2017, and using paper printed on both sides in filings would have saved nearly 2,953 trees and 246 million litre water (24,600 tankers–considering one standard tanker-truck holds 10,000 litre), according to an analysis by the […]

It’s a foggy autumn as farmers start burning stubble

With government interventions proving either too expensive or inadequate, Punjab’s farmers have begun burning crop residue, raising fears of pollution. As autumn sets in, farmers in Punjab have begun harvesting the kharif paddy crop and preparing the fields for the winter crop. And as has been the practice, despite official injunctions, paddy stubble is being set on fire, raising fears of a spike in air pollution across the northern States, […]

Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nestle biggest ocean polluters: Report

Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Nestle are among the companies that contribute most to ocean pollution with single-use plastics, according to a study presented on Tuesday by the “Break Free from Plastic” initiative. The environmental movement, launched in 2016, has helped clear the coasts of 42 countries around the world of discarded plastics. “These brand audits offer undeniable proof of the role that corporations play in perpetuating the global plastic pollution crisis,” […]

Tackle this national shame

The nation’s capital has got rude shocks right through this month as newspapers reported the deaths of young men who descend into dark pits to clean sewers and septic tanks — 11 at last count, including the premises of posh hotels. But this pales into insignificance when it’s appreciated that across the country, one sewage cleaner — euphemistically called “safai karmachari”, or “cleanliness worker” — has died every five days […]

An eclectic display of arts pertaining to Indian culture and lifestyle welcomed guests celebrating the 5th Annual Oakville Diwali Gala.

Over 400 VIP guests from the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) gathered at the 5th Annual Oakville Diwali Gala, Oakville’s largest South-Asian gala that included a fund-raising event in support of Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (OTMH), at the Lakeshore Convention Centre on September 14, 2018. Diwali is an Indian festival of lights usually celebrated in October/November depending on the Hindu calendar. Diwali signifies good over evil, light over darkness, hope over […]

Acid attack crusader Laxmi Aggarwal falls upon hard times, struggles to find job

Laxmi Aggarwal, 30, the acid-attack survivor who won hearts with her courage and poise, in circumstances that would have seen many crumble, and was one of the winners of the US State Department’s International Women of Courage Award in 2014 (First Lady, Michelle Obama presented it), is now without a job and may soon be without a home. That India’s best-known acid attack survivor is finding it difficult to get […]

Human Trafficking

Hello Gemini Dhar A take charge expert and author. Sharing something that shook me to the core This world is so very beautiful and mesmerising, in our day-to-day pursuit of happiness, we always look up to our bigger goals and larger vision. Then, it comes around, a challenge or a moment of utter shock, some facts and occurrences that make you shudder in the utmost disgust. As a Take Charge […]