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GM food labelling comes into force amid fears over 'lack of planning

On New Year’s day, India joined a select band of countries where food containing genetically modified (GM) content must be labelled as such. But it has done so without any preparation. The labelling of foods with GM ingredients has been a long-held demand of consumer groups, but the way it has been done in India has left them disappointed. The Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011, which came into effect […]

Facebook Removes Photo Of Breast Cancer Survivor's Tattoo, Users Fight Back

In a move criticized by many, Facebook removed a photo of a breast cancer survivor’s large chest tattoo, citing a violation of its strict nudity policy, UPI reports. However, the social networking site has since backtracked on its decision, allowing the photo to stay on the Custom Tattoo Design’s Facebook page. In an email to The Huffington Post, Fred Wolens of Facebook Policy Communications explained the move, writing “Mastectomy photos […]

The voice of the common man must rise

“The voice of the common man must rise,” said this soft spoken revolutionary, on his 91st year, after a quarter century of coaxing that voice out with the promise that he would ensure it got heard. H.D. Shourie, civil servant for 35 years and an agent of civil action for over 25, died on 28th June 2005, having lived a life that straddled many borders. The most obvious boundary perhaps […]

Fashion for a Cause

Indian swimwear designers have crafted a mastectomy blouse for women with breast cancer. It was more than a decade ago that Simran Singh (name changed) underwent a “breast-removal operation”, clinically referred to as mastectomy, in Chandigarh. A cancer survivor, Singh fought off the disease bravely but rues how “things were never the same.” Once a smart dresser, the former school teacher lost confidence in her appearance and substituted first baby […]

He'll help you grow a forest in your backyard

Shubhendu Sharma’s start-up Afforestt is helping build natural urban forests that grow in a short period of time and are maintenance-free. Those weekend trips you made to a hill-station or to your farmhouse cushioned amidst nature, need not be just during the weekends. If Shubhendu Sharma and Afforestt have their way, every backyard in our country will have abundant greenery. Shubhendu’s company grows urban forests that are maintenance-free, natural forests […]

Youth were not protesting against rape, but indifference'

‘Anyone of them could have been the girl. So in a way it had what I call the ‘rakhi effect’. Everyone felt the rape victim could have been my sister and everyone felt that could have been myself.’ Professor Shiv Visvanathan speaks to Rediff.com‘s Sheela Bhatt on the recent demonstrations by India’s youth, and on current political and social trends. You can expect Professor Shiv Visvanathan, intellectual and author, to start a […]

Supreme Court extends stay on Veerappan aides execution

Hanging of four aides of sandalwood smuggler Veerappan has been further delayed with the Supreme Court on Wednesday extending its interim order staying the execution of death sentence imposed on them for killing 22 police personnel in a landmine blast in Karnataka in 1993. A bench headed by Chief Justice of India Altamas Kabir said it was keeping the matter pending since another bench, which has heard an identical plea, […]

India Rape Victim's Friend Describes Their Love Story

Her last gift to him was a gray tie. It remains in an envelope in his New Delhi apartment. ‘I tried to do things that made her happy.’ NEW DELHI—She called him “a perfect man.” He still keeps her number stored in his cellphone, under the name Jewi, derived from a Sanskrit word meaning life. “She was the closest person to my heart,” says the young man. Soon he is […]

India's Daughter' Passes Away.

On Dec. 16, a 23-year-old woman was beaten and gang-raped in a moving bus before being dumped on a Delhi highway. Six men, including the bus driver, were arrested in connection with the attack. On Saturday evening, New Delhi police charged all six with murder. Pictured, a man held a placard during a candlelight vigil in the southern Indian city of Bangalore, Karnataka, Dec. 21. The crime prompted demonstrations in […]

In Palghar, cops book 21-year-old for FB post

Police on Sunday arrested a 21-year-old girl for questioning the total shutdown in the city for Bal Thackeray’s funeral on her Facebook account. Another girl who ‘liked’ the comment was also arrested. The duo were booked under Section 295 (a) of the IPC (for hurting religious sentiments) and Section 64 (a) of the Information Technology Act, 2000. Though the girl withdrew her comment and apologised, a mob of some 2,000 […]