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Ban Facebook, Google in India: Sunil Mittal's radical suggestion to counter H1B visa restrictions

“You can’t have (a situation) that on one hand and you have 200 million customers on Facebook, 150 million on WhatsApp, 100 million people on Google… Would we say we don’t want FaceBook (and) Google to operate in India, we have homegrown apps,” Sunil Mittal said. As the US under President Donald Trump turns more protectionist, telecom czar Sunil Bharti Mittal asked if India should say no to Facebook and […]

Misconceptions and facts about meat consumption

Muslims are assumed to be the largest consumers of meat while the fact is that Christians and Jews are the highest meat consumer communities. The world’s largest beef meat exporter country is Brazil followed by India,Australia, USA and UK. When we see this matter in an Indian perspective we would be surprised to know that out of six largest meat exporters of India three are Hindu owned. In several cases […]

ATMs run dry: With cash withdrawals at pre-demonetisation levels, is Modi's digitisation drive facing hurdle?

Withdrawing money from bank ATMs is becoming increasingly difficult for scores of people across the country in recent times, according to reports. This, even after total curbs were removed by the government in March post the demonstisation exercise. Several ATMs continue to dispense little or no cash. The propensity is to display ‘no cash’ signs more frequently on ATM monitors. So, what is the reason for this cash crunch in […]

Raghuram Rajan Warns Of 'Policy Uncertainty' For World Economy

Former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan on Thursday warned of “policy uncertainty” for the world economy due to there being a “bunch of new leaders” who need to prove they are strong, even as he exuded confidence about all large economies doing well. Without specifically mentioning India, Dr Rajan, who is among the few to have predicted the 2008 global financial crisis, said, “This is the first time in a long […]

Digital banking and its 4 BIG issues

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious vision is to see all transactions done through banks and that too digitally. There have been many steps to discourage cash transactions and promote digital banking transactions. Stories of chaiwalas and paanwalas accepting their small amounts through digital mode were common during the note ban. There is a huge surge in transactions done through debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets and apps developed by the government, […]

Silicon Valley’s hottest startup Hortonworks eyes India’s Big Data

The big data industry in the country is expected to grow eightfold to touch $16 billion by 2025 Hortonworks Inc. stunned the tech industry a few years ago when it became the fastest enterprise software start-up to reach $100 million in annual revenue in just four years from inception. The California-based company said that it now saw its next big growth coming from international business and the Indian market is […]

Infosys Hiring Drops 65%, Nearly 38,000 Techies Leave Company In 2016-17

Infosys saw A whopping 37,915 engineers leave the software major while its hiring plunged 65 per cent in fiscal year 2016-17 thanks to increasing automation and thrust on artificial intelligence in its operations and projects. According to the employee metrics disclosed by Infosys on Thursday, 37,915 left the company and its subsidiaries worldwide during the fiscal year under review (FY 2017) as against 34,688 in the previous fiscal year (2015-16). […]

Is NSE Guilty Of According Preferential Treatment To Some Brokers?

India’s most actively traded exchange, the National Stock Exchange is in news for the wrong reasons. It is currently in the midst of a controversy that alleges it to be favouring some brokers over others. In the dynamic world of stock markets, where a minute’s difference could make or mar large volume trade, NSE is battling claims that allege that it often allocated specific servers to specific brokers to help […]

Arecanut tea to air fresheners from husk: This Shivamogga man is adding value to agriculture

“Nothing is waste in this world. Everything is of value, especially in agriculture,” believes Nivedan Kempe, a pharmacist cum entrepreneur from Mandagadde village in Karnataka’s Shivamogga district. The 30-year-old recently launched air fresheners made from the husk of areca nuts. “Areca nut contains a lot of fibre. However, the husk is thrown away as it is considered waste. We converted the areca nut husk into a material that is similar […]

There's nothing called a free lunch! Now it can attract GST

Soon, the economic theory that whatever goods and services are provided –the expense of the same must have been borne by someone, is going to hold true in case of employee-employer CTC agreement. That is, you don’t get anything for free! Come July 1 and leasing of land, renting of buildings as well as EMIs paid for purchase of under-construction houses will start attracting the Goods and Services Tax. There […]