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The great Indian disagreement on demonetisation, GST: Why economists are split

Over the past few weeks, a ferocious disagreement has raged between several Indian economists. The heart of the matter concerns the impacts of demonetisation and the goods and services tax (GST) on India’s broader economy. Let me be clear that I use the word disagreement rather than debate advisedly. Surjit Bhalla, now a member of the prime minister’s economic advisory council, set the ball rolling by claiming that growth rates […]

How India's GST is different from that in other countries

How India’s GST is different from that in other countries Goods and Services Tax (GST) is an indirect tax which was introduced in India on 1 July 2017 and is applicable throughout India. It replaced multiple cascading taxes levied by the central and state governments. France was the first country to implement GST. Concept of GST is not new to the world as nearly 160 countries up till now, have […]

Why It is Better To Invest In Silver This Dhanteras

Clamorwarld Exclusive:- Why It is Better To Invest In Silver This Dhanteras I am sure as you start this Dhanteras morning, you are already making plans about what to buy this evening. But the point is should you be investing in gold or silver? Is there too much difference in the kind of returns they yield? Gold is traditionally the most sought-after precious metal. But if you assess the performance […]

3 Lessons I Learned From the Failure of My First Startup

You’re exhausted. You’ve put countless of hours into an idea that you believed in so much. Literally almost blood, sweat and tears were sacrificed for this vision to be accomplished. You had hoped and expected for a lot of things, and was excited to have plans for the future. A few months ago, I wrote an article here titled, “What I Learned After Opening My First Business at 21.” My […]

In Conversation with Atechnos co-founder Abhinav Jain

Sunil Mantri(SM): Can you tell In brief about what Atechnos is all about. Abhinav Jain(AJ): Abhay Techno Services Pvt. Ltd. (Atechnos) is an emerging leader in digital consulting, content distribution, partnership development, and broadcasting technology outsourcing service. We provide business consulting, technology outsourcing services to worldwide clients building enterprises today with the goal for tomorrow. Atechnos proposes an innovative delivery model, based on the principles of taking work and people […]

11 Interesting Facts About Businesses Around The World

Walmart, Google, Starbucks, Apple – these are some of the world’s most successful businesses. But behind all the success are certain fun facts that not even their most die-hard fans would know. Here are some fun facts that will pique your interest. 1. Starbucks Starbucks doesn’t want us to feel lonely while sipping on our cuppa. The roundtables at their outlets have a purpose to fulfill – to make us […]

'I quit Google and launched a business with my mum'

Munaf Kapadia runs a successful “pop up” restaurant at his family’s home in Mumbai. His mother also works as head chef. While watching TV one Sunday afternoon back in 2014, Munaf Kapadia had an argument with his mother that would change his life. The then 25-year-old Google employee wanted to watch US cartoon the Simpsons, but as usual, his mother Nafisa preferred to see her favourite Indian soap opera and […]

Major GST relief for exporters, small traders: Highlights

In the meeting, it was discussed that PAN or Aadhaar Card details would not be required for buying jewellery above Rs 50,000. Here are the other major decisions taken at the meeting: GST on unbranded ayurvedic medicines to reduced from 12% to 5%. Man made yarn was taxed 18%, it has been put in 12% slab, will have effect on textiles. The council will try to implement the e-way bill […]

Have an SBI account? Just a reminder about the rule changes that will impact you from Sunday

If you are an account holder in State Bank of India (SBI), the country’s largest lender, there are a few changes that you need to be aware of. If you haven’t read about them, here they are: 1) Cut in MAB: The bank has decided to treat the metro and urban centres in the same category as far as average minimum account balance (MAB) maintenance is concerned. What this means is […]

Govt's digital payments push may land banks with a Rs 3,800 cr annual hole, says SBI report

The government’s digital payments push, mainly online card payments through PoS machines, may leave already capital starved banks bleed by a whopping Rs 3,800 crore annually, warns a report. After the note-ban last November, the Narendra Modi government has pushed banks into deploying millions of points-of-sale (PoS) machines to encourage online payments. Since then, banks have more than doubled their PoS terminals. The number of PoS terminals post-demonetisation has increased […]