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Fakir Chand Kohli: First CEO of TCS & Father of India’s Software Industry

With its shares hitting a record high and its quarterly earnings recording a better-than-expected rise on Friday, India’s IT bellwether TCS is set to become India’s first listed company to enjoy a market capitalization (m-cap) of $100 billion. The significance of this achievement can be seen from the fact that this is roughly 2.5 times larger than TCS’s nearest competitor, Infosys, whose market value currently stands at $38 billion! The […]

Aamir Khan's Mahashramdaan across 4000 villages on May 1st

Aamir Khan’s Paani Foundation is hosting the third edition of the Satyamev Jayate Water Cup. Around one lakh volunteers have already registered for the grand event on May 1. Here are the details. Superstar Aamir Khan, who founded the Paani Foundation with wife Kiran Rao three years back, has urged students and youngsters to volunteer for a massive ‘Mahashramdaan’ on occasion of Maharashtra Day on May 1, 2018. Aamir, along […]

Meet The Worlds Best Teacher

What does it mean to be the best teacher in the world Teach with a mission to make sure you help every child to unlock and reach their full potential .Make sure that whatever the child needs to achieve , a teacher would inspire them and help to make it happen for them .Inspire those looking to enter the teaching profession and shine a powerful spotlight on the incredible work […]

After 2 nights in Jodhpur jail, Salman Khan, out on bail

Actor Salman Khan, who was granted bail by a court in Rajasthan in a blackbuck poaching case, reached Mumbai on Saturday night. Immediately after his release from Jodhpur Central Jail, Salman was driven under police escort to the airport, a police official told news agency PTI. He walked out of the jail after the prison authorities received the court papers granting him bail in the 20-year-old case, the official said. […]

He Lost His Sight but Bagged 13 Medals and a Rhodes Scholarship!

Rahul was only six-months-old when his family realised that his eyes didn’t respond to visual stimuli the same way as compared to other kids his age. For almost four years, they ran from pillar to post and got numerous tests done with no success. While some doctors deemed it as a passing phase, others failed to diagnose what his condition was all about. It was only in 1998 when a […]

Difference between belief and power belief:

This is Gemini Dhar. A take charge expert and author, who has inspired, encouraged people by making them believe their true potential in the path of personal growth and fulfillment. All of us are put on this planet for a purpose. We are a part of the big picture. But very few people discover their purpose in life. Well, most of them just exist and keep counting their days rather […]

This 24-Year-Old’s Amazing Stories Have Made Him a University Professor

They say if you do what you love and love what you do, life will take you to the peak of success. Although this is a very dear thought to have, and the perfect motivation to invest your time and energy in doing something you care about, sometimes, life throws more challenges at you. Something similar happened with Ruthuparna Sharma, a 24-year-old author and professor! Speaking to The Better India, […]


How to change your beliefs. Just as our bodies need good food every day, our minds need good beliefs every day. The key word in the above sentence is ‘good belief.’ We may have lot of beliefs on god, and also some question the existence of god. Few people say that I can jump, I cannot jump. I can run, I cannot run. So, there are many positive and negative […]


Daughter: ‘A home without a daughter is like a body without soul.’ A mother experiences complete joy and pleasure when she delivers a daughter, and same goes for the father. I want to emphasize that the daughters are nurtured in a particular way and the mother loves and the father protects his daughter. However, the mindset and the belief that you give your daughter are going to take her forward […]

Journey From IBM Tech to Becoming a Organic Farmer Near Mumbai

In 2004, Venkat Iyer decided to quit his hectic IT job and take up organic farming in Peth, a village near Mumbai. The former IBM executive recounts the journey in a new book, Moong over Microchips: Adventures of A Techie-Turned-Farmer. Iyer spoke to Sonam Joshi about his encounters with local corruption, the reasons for farmer distress, and why they are in protest mode. What was the most difficult part of […]