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Two things are full of benefits for the human being, lukewarm water and pomegranate. Pomegranate is a seasonal fruit in Pakistan & India so I tried an experiment with dried pomegranate seeds. I prepared a decoction boiling the fistful of dried seeds in half liter of water for 10 minutes, squeezed the seeds, strained the decoction and advised those patients suffering from painful angina to use a glass of lukewarm […]

300,000 dead turtles, 3 decades of carnage

In Pic :Dead on arrival 10-30,000 Olive Ridleys are fatally caught in fishing nets every year Dead turtles aren’t a new story. Every breeding season, from November to May, the media reports scores of dead Olive Ridleys scattered along the eastern coast, particularly at the mass nesting sites of Odisha. But what makes this carnage a vulgar certainty year after year is a damning story that needs to be told. In […]

One rat brain 'talks' to another using electronic link

cientists have connected the brains of lab rats, allowing one to communicate directly to another via cables. The wired brain implants allowed sensory and motor signals to be sent from one rat to another, creating the first ever brain-to-brain interface. The scientists then tested whether the rat receiving the signal could correctly interpret the information. As the ultimate test of their system, the team even linked the brains of rats […]

First treatment for vitiligo skin ailment

First treatment for vitiligo skin ailment Vitiligo was made famous by Michael Jackson who lost his dark skin tone to the disease. Researchers have now found a cure for the skin disorder by using a modified protein. Researchers from Loyola University and Chicago Stritch School of Medicine have developed a genetically modified protein that dramatically reverses the skin disorder vitiligo in mice, and has similar effects on immune responses in […]

Asteroid Apophis may strike Earth in 2068: Scientists

In Pic :A simulation of asteroid 2012 DA14 approaching from the south as it passes through the Earth-moon system on Feb. 15, 2013. The 150-foot object will pass within 17,000 miles of the Earth. AP/NASA/JPL-Caltech. A 325-meter asteroid that will safely fly by the Earth in 2029 and 2036, may strike the planet in the year 2068, scientists have warned. However, the chances of 99942 Apophis striking the Earth are […]

Facebook announces partnership with Airtel and RCOM to offer free mobile messaging

Facebook has announced partnerships with mobile operators to provide free or discounted data access to Facebook messaging for their subscribers. The social networking giant has tied up with more than 18 operators in 14 countries including Airtel and Reliance in India, through which it will offer free or discounted data access on Messenger for Android, Messenger for iOS and Facebook for Every Phone (now optimized for chat), in the coming […]

India launches seven satellites

India has put into orbit seven satellites, including one built with France to study the world’s oceans. President Pranab Mukherjee watched the rocket carrying the seven satellites take off from Sriharikota launch centre in southern Andhra Pradesh state. The six other satellites include two each from Canada and Austria and one each from Denmark and Britain. India is emerging as a major player in the multi-billion dollar space market. It […]

Fragments of ancient continent buried under Indian Ocean

Land on Earth was once gathered together in a supercontinent known as Rodinia, shown here as it was during its break-up 750 million years ago. Now scientists believe they have found a fragment of it buried under the Indian Ocean. Fragments of an ancient continent are buried beneath the floor of the Indian Ocean, a study suggests. Researchers have found evidence for a landmass that would have existed between 2,000 […]

Poetic is nice, but software needs to be efficient too

The lyrical article on open software, in The Hindu, by Rahul Dé, professor at IIM, Bangalore, (editorial page, “Like poetry for software,” February 2, 2013) is of interest for several reasons. He compares the work of the great poet, Ghalib, with the computer code written by modern open-source programmers. Open source programmers have been in the forefront of the evolution of new, and often original, software suites for years and […]

Virus can help treat prostate cancer

Scientists including one of Indian-origin have discovered that a modified Newcastle disease virus can kill all kinds of prostate cancer cells without harming normal body cells. The modified virus is now ready to be tested in preclinical animal models, and possibly in phase I human clinical trials, scientists said. “A treatment for prostate cancer based on this virus would avoid the adverse side effects typically associated with hormonal treatment for […]