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China woman who married 26 times in legal jam

BEIJING: A Chinese woman who married 26 times is now caught in a legal tangle. Her problem is not the marriage law, but the rules concerning the government’s family planning policy. The 40-year old woman from Shuyang county in Jiangsu province recently discovered she was made pregnant by a former husband. She then rid herself of the then husband and remarried the one who had made her pregnant. When she […]

Haidar al-Abadi to be next Iraq PM; Nuri al-Maliki refuses to back down

Baghdad: Iraqi President Fuad Masoum Monday asked Deputy Speaker Haidar al-Abadi to form the next government but the politicians allied to outgoing Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki rejected the premier-designate, raising concerns about a political struggle in the country facing insurgency from Sunni jihadists. The state-run Iraqiya channel showed Masoum signing a letter granting power to form the next government to Abadi, the Shia coalition’s nominee for prime minister, Xinhua reported. […]

How habits are formed and changed revealed

Washington: A new study has revealed how we form habits and change existing ones and that they emerge through associative learning. According to the study, about 40 percent of people’s daily activities are performed each day in almost the same situations, as habit is automatic and we don’t always recognize habits in our own behavior. Wendy Wood said that we find patterns of behavior that allow us to reach goals. […]

Plane crashes near Tehran airport, at least 38 reported dead: IRNA

DUBAI: An Iran-140 Sepahan Air passenger plane bound for Tabas in northeast Iran with 48 passengers and crew on board crashed on a road near Tehran’s Mehrabad airport on Sunday, killing at least 38 people, Iranian state media reported. Initial reports said that all passengers and crew on board had been killed, but state media later reported that some passengers had been injured and transferred to hospital. Islamic Republic News […]

Black money: India gets 24,000 pieces of secret foreign data

New Delhi: In its effort to unearth black money stashed away abroad, India has received data on over 24,000 instances of alleged tax evasion and dubious funds which has been detected in foreign shores in the last financial year. These cases are now under investigation by the taxman even as the Special Investigation Team (SIT) on black money has set its eye on tracking the outcome of this classified information […]

Much mirth as Sweden 'mourns' its oldest eel

Swedes have flocked to social media to muse at the passing of “the world’s oldest European eel”, which lived in a well to the age of 155. It was found dead in the southern town of Brantevik when the well owners removed the lid to show it off to visitors, The Local said on Friday. A boy dropped it in back in 1859, when it was apparently common to use […]

Unemployment dips to 7%, most new jobs are part time

Canada’s unemployment rate edged down to seven per cent in July, with just 200 new jobs created, according to Statistics Canada. That’s better than the 7.1 per cent recorded in June, but mainly reflects a decline in the number of people looking for work. This was a heightened problem for people over age 55, who saw employment continue to fall. “If you look at the overall story, self-employment is rising,” […]

Iraq conflict: US steps up air strikes on IS militants

The US has launched two additional air strikes against militants from the Islamic State (IS) group in northern Iraq, the Pentagon has said. US drones and Navy fighter jets attacked targets near the Kurdish city of Irbil – a similar location to the first strike earlier on Friday. The Sunni Muslim group IS has taken control of swathes of Iraq and Syria. Tens of thousands of people from minority groups […]

5,000 Chinese Workers in Kenya a Threat to Wildlife

Nairobi:  A Kenyan consumer lobby group says that 5,000 Chinese nationals who are coming to Kenya for the construction of a railway line pose a threat to the country’s elephants. Consumer Federation of Kenya official Steven Muturo said on Thursday that conservationists have seen a rise in elephant poaching deaths in Kenya as the number of Chinese nationals in the country have risen. Kenya recently signed an agreement with China […]

New dog-sized dinosaur species discovered in Venezuela

LONDON: Scientists have identified a new dog-sized dinosaur species from South America that roamed the Earth in small groups and lived on a diet of ferns and insects. The species, named Laquintasaura venezuelae, was identified with the help of 200-million-year-old fossils from the La Quinta Formation in Venezuela. Bones from at least four Laquintasaura were found together, with individuals ranging in age from three to approximately 12 years old. It […]