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World War 3 : North Korea gives nuclear-war warning

The North Korean army has warned the US that its military has been cleared to wage an attack using “smaller, lighter and diversified nuclear” weapons. “The moment of explosion is approaching fast,” the military said, warning that war could break out “today or tomorrow”. The statement, carried by the Korean Central News Agency early on Thursday, said troops had been authorised to counter US aggression with “powerful practical military counteractions”. […]

Missing Soviet Soldier, Bakhretdin Khakimov, Found Living In Afghanistan 33 Years After Invasion

A war veteran who disappeared during the 1980 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan has been found — 33 years later. According to a HuffPost translation of Russian-language news service RIA Novosti, the missing Soviet soldier, Bakhretdin Khakimov, lived a semi-nomadic life in Afghanistan during the three decades after he was wounded in battle. Adopting the name Sheikh Abdullah, the war vet was recently found living with locals in Herat, a province […]

Yahoo chief bans working from home

ame chief executive of Yahoo, she has been working hard to get the Internet pioneer off its deathbed and make it an innovator once again. She started with free food and new smartphones for every employee, borrowing from the playbook of Google, her employer until last year. Now, though, Yahoo has made a surprise move abolishing its work-at-home policy and ordering everyone to work in the office. A memo explaining […]

Tribal fighting in Darfur leaves 60 dead

KHARTOUM, Sudan: Sudan’s state news agency says 60 people were killed in renewed fighting between two Arab tribes over mining rights in the northern Darfur region. The United Nations says fighting broke out last month in the Jebel Amir area, leaving 100 dead in January and forcing 70,000 people to flee their homes. The state news agency said the fighting Saturday was the worst since a cease-fire agreement was reached […]

Deccan Mujahideen: The latest terror threat against India

The Indian Mujahideen , which has been suspected of carrying out the Hyderabad blasts that claimed 16 lives, was trying to set up a terror outfit to take care of its operations in southern India, according to officials in the National Investigation Agency. NIA officials have found that one of the key accused, Asadullah Akthar alias Tabrez, was constantly in touch with operatives from south India. The IM was trying […]


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Peru 5000 year old temple

The temple was discovered in one of the wings of the main pyramid at the ancient site of El Parais. Archaeologists in Peru say they have discovered a temple at the ancient site of El Paraiso, near the capital, Lima. Entry to the rectangular structure, estimated to be up to 5,000 years old, was via a narrow passageway, they say. At its centre, the archaeologists from Peru’s Ministry of Culture […]

Flights and Trains Canceled as Storm Heads to Northeast.

As a major winter storm made its way up the Atlantic Coast on Thursday, local authorities from New York City to Maine began to make preparations for what forecasters said could be the heaviest snowfall for some cities in the Northeast in a century. Airlines began announcing the suspension of flights out of New York and Boston airports starting Friday night, as thousands of workers readied their plows, checked their […]