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16th century 'vampire' unearthed - complete with a rock in its mouth to stop blood sucking and a stake driven through its LEG

Archaeologists in northwestern Poland have a  found a suspected vampire The burial was found in a  cemetery in the town of Kamien Pomorski A stake had previously been  driven through one leg of the skeleton This was designed to stop it rising from the  grave after its death It also had a small rock in its mouth to  stop it sucking blood from victims The body is  believed to date […]

Experiences vs. Mistakes

Here’s an another interesting comparison I found between what you call experiences vs. mistakes in life. It’s an important distinction to know. Experience makes you shine throughout your journey vs. mistakes can put you in a dark hole. Even failures in life are great experiences as they can eventually lead you to your destination – as long as you don’t give up. But, grandeur mistakes can put you two steps […]

As the focus narrows, more questions emerge in search for Malaysia 370

Injected with fresh hope and urgency after the discovery Tuesday of more signals that appear to be from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370’s so-called black boxes, investigators began looking Wednesday toward what new challenges may await if that proves true. A raft of new questions awaits: How sure are experts that the detected signals are, in fact, from the pingers? Pretty darned sure, but not certain. One of two signals detected […]

Brother of Sayyid Qutb passes away

Muhammad Qutb, the brother of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood Sayyid Qutb, has passed away in hospital in Mecca at the age of 95. A Muslim scholar in his own right, Muhammad Qutb was born in the Upper Egyptian village of Musha near Asyut in 1919. He was arrested alongside his elder brother Sayyid in 1965 when they were accused of plotting to overthrow the secular regime. Although his […]


He didn't admire his dad, until he discovered a secret gift years later

More often than not, parents are a child’s first role model. Someone they admire and revere – hoping to be like them in appearance and character when they grow up. But what if they are not? What if a young boy doesn’t like his single parent, his father, for being poor and unsuccessful? Is character above money? ‘Gift’, a short film about a father-son duo will touch your heart and send […]


The incredible moment in which a deaf woman hears for the first time

Joanne Milne has not heard a single word, bird chirp or music note for 39 years. Four weeks ago, she got electronic cochlear implants. This is the exact moment when she hears for the first time and starts to cry overwhelmed by the feeling and emotion. I don’t blame her! I felt overwhelmed and teared up just by watching it, but I can’t even begin to imagine her feelings. According […]

As it happened: MH370 search resumes

Search efforts for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 resumed on Wednesday following improved weather conditions The Kuala Lumpur-Beijing airliner disappeared on 8 March with 239 people on board  Malaysia’s acting transport minister said 122 “potential objects” had been seen around 2,557km from Perth based on new French satellite images  The plane is presumed to have crashed into the southern Indian Ocean with no survivors Six countries – Australia, New Zealand, […]


Minnesota Mystery: What’s Killing the Moose?

A Moose Mystery Moose in Minnesota are dying at an alarming rate, and biologists are racing to understand what’s behind the rapid decline. GRAND PORTAGE, Minn. — For moose, this year’s winter-long deep freeze across the Upper Midwest is truly ideal weather. The large, gangly creatures are adapted to deep snow: Their hollow fur insulates them like fiberglass does in a house. And the prolonged cold helps eradicate pests that […]

Gleich nach dem Führen Getränke mit Beats By Dre x Futura

Die 30-Sekunden-Geschäftsbeziehungen zu einem bestimmten in-store Versorgung ermöglichen, die RadioShack Verbraucher-und Audio-Unterstützer runter zu laden eine unverwechselbare Remix von Thicke treffen kann eine “Unscharfe Lines” mit all den von jedem Qualifying Lösung zu erhalten. Die Anzeige beginnt Lüften 29. April 2013 und kann auf Netzwerke schauen was beinhaltet MTV, VH1, Spike und Comedy Central. Es wird auch über die Bose OE2 Audio KopfhörerNBA Finals auf ESPN und ABC laufen. Das […]