Children Can Explore the Himalayas With a Friendly Yeti Using Google’s Latest App

Imagine yourself touring the snow clad mountains of the Himalayas along with an extremely friendly five hundred foot tall Yeti! This whacky yet interesting idea has been turned into reality by tech giant Google’s latest offering – Verne: the Himalayas.

The app uses Google Earth’s view of the Himalayas and presents it in a child-friendly format.

One of the best features of the app is the tour guide Verne. He can fly around the Himalayas in his Yeti-sized jet pack, climb Mt Everest, go ice skating, make friends with yaks, and do plenty of other entertaining stuff.

“The new app , which the company describes as ‘an experiment’, takes advantage of Google Maps’ 3D imagery of the Himalayas but combines it with a bit of game play to make the idea of zooming around the 3D scene more fun and engaging,” a Techcrunch report said on Thursday.

Along with the entertainment factor, the application is educational as well. While the Yeti takes you around, a voice in the background provides interesting trivia about the mountain range.

In its current state, the app provides limited engagement as it only covers the Himalayas. If, in the future, Google decides to expand this into other areas, it can easily become a ‘kid friendly’ version of Google Earth.

Users can download the app on Google Play store

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