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China opens a spectacular ‘Lucky Knot’ bridge for pedestrians and it’s beautiful!


Every day, you get up and head to your place of work, college or school. You travel through the narrow lanes, traffic-swarmed main roads and pedestrian bridges to reach your destination. There goes an hour or two — mundane as it was yesterday, and could be, tomorrow. But, what if we say, China has come up with interesting architecture letting its citizens have fun while they travel every day? Yes, it has built a spectacular wavy bridge, also being popularly called ‘Luck Knot’ bridge.

The bridge is apparently inspired by Möbius Strip. A Möbius band is a surface with only one continuous side and one boundary and is made by joining the end of a rectangle after twisting one end through 180 degrees.

According to Inhabitat, the Lucky Knot Bridge is located at Changsha in China and is 24 metres high and 185 metres long. Constructed in the form of a ribbon, the bridge apparently connects river banks, roads and a park. NEXT Architects based in Amsterdam, Netherlands have constructed the bridge, which is fast becoming popular for being a spectacular sight in itself. The bridge has been constructed over the Dragon King Harbour river in Changsha. According to NEXT Architects, the bridge offers the amazing view of Meixi river, the surrounding mountain range and the city to the travellers crossing on it. The bridge painted red to symbolise happiness and prosperity in Chinese culture, also features an LED light show.

This is not the first time that the world has seen such strange bridges being constructed. Other similarly striking bridges are Henderson Waves in Singapore, Langkawi Sky Bridge in Malaysia, Python bridge in Amsterdam and Gateshead Millenium Bridge to name a few.

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