Daddy’s Home 2 trailer

Daddy’s Home 2 trailer

Paramount Pictures has released a new Daddy’s Home 2 trailer online, and surprise—it’s a Christmas movie! Indeed, while the initial trailer certainly took place during winter, it appears Paramount was holding the Christmas theme back a bit until after Halloween. But now that November has officially arrived, we can see that Daddy’s Home 2 is very much a Christmas comedy, as director Sean Anders will try to enter the annals of holiday cinema classics.

The new Daddy’s Home 2 trailer makes two things immediately clear. First, this is very much a holiday movie, a comedy that leans heavily into its Christmas iconography and looks to attract families who want to sit in silence and not talk to each other for a few hours. Second, this movie looks loud. Seriously.

The film also stars Linda Cardellini, John Cena, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Hannibal Buress. Daddy’s Home 2 opens in theaters on November 10th.

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