Exploring the Deepest Recesses of the Planet


Enter the realm of divers, spelunkers, and submersibles.

Picture of Fantastic Pit in Ellison’s Cave underneath Pigeon Mountain in Georgia

The deepest cave drop in the continental United States is found underneath Pigeon Mountain in Georgia. The “Fantastic Pit” in Ellison’s Cave drops 586 vertical feet.

Picture of James Cameron’s Deepsea Challenger

Picture of emperor penguins diving off Antarctica

Picture of Hang Son Doong “mountain river cave” in Vietnam

Picture of Croatian freediver Kristijan Curavic making record deep dive below North Pole in April 2005

In April 2005 Croatian freediver Kristijan Curavic plunged to 168 feet (51 meters) below the North Pole, the deepest dive ever made in the Arctic.

Picture of a fangtooth deep-sea fish

Picture of submersible DeepSee descending into volcanic vent of seamount Las Gemelas

Optical mosaic picture of Titanic on the seafloor

Picture of a diver in a flooded cave in the Bahamas

Picture of spelunkers rappelling into Greenland ice sheet


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Source: nationalgeographic

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