Frank Gehry’s ‘brown paper bag’ opens in Sydney


Sydney has joined the list of cities with a Frank Gehry-designed building.

The Chau Chak Wing Business School building has been dubbed the “brown paper bag” by local media.

Speaking at Monday’s opening, Mr Gehry said he hoped the building would generated a “spirit of invention” in those who work and study in it.

The A$180m ($140m; £93m) building for the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), is named after businessman and philanthropist Dr Chau Chak Wing.

It is the architect’s first design to be built in Australia.

Mr Gehry said he had designed a “flexible” building with only a few fixed parts, allowing the building to be changed over time to meet the changing needs of its users.

“People will invent ways to use it,” he said

Gehry said that five years after its conception, there were perhaps some things he would change but he was pleased with the finished result.

“I am Jewish and I feel guilty about everything,” he joked.

The building – tucked between several small streets in the inner city suburb of Ultimo in Sydney – is a key part of the university’s campus master plan. It will house 1,630 students and staff for the UTS Business School.

The Chau Chak Wing building

The Chau Chak Wing building’s facade curves and folds like fabric.


The Chau Chak Wing building

Undulating brickwork and large glass panels have created a “curtain wall”.

The interior of the Chau Chak Wing building

Two oval classrooms have been constructed around 150 large laminated timber beams, each weighing up to two tonnes.

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