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Health benefits of Chikoo (Sapodilla)


Chikoo or Sapodillla is one of the most popular tropical fruit apart from mango, banana, and jackfruit. The fruit is exceptionally sweet and delicious which also contains high amount of nutritional values.

Chikoo is also a source of energy and revitalizes the body and has a number of antioxidants, vitamin A, C and E, copper, iron, etc.

Here are some health benefits of the fruit:

Good for eyes: Chikoo is good for eyes as it is a good source of Vitamin A which naturally aids in improving the eye vision.

Reliefs indigestion: The fruit is rich in dietary fibre and are used as a good natural laxativea and helps in digestion thus relieves from indigestion and constipation.

Prevents cancer: Chikoo is a good source of antioxidants, dietary fibers and nutrients which helps in preventing certain types of cancers (lung cancer, oral cavity cancer and etc) in the body.

Makes bone healthy: The tropical fruit is good for bones as it makes them healthy and powerful because of the minerals like calcium, phosphorus, iron contained in it and required to maintain the bone endurance.

Boost immunity: It is a rich source of Vitamin C which regenerates the body by destroying free radicals and boosting the immunity.

Protects kidney diseases: It provides protection against other kidney diseases as well. The seeds of the Chikoo is also good for health as it works as a diuretic and helps in removing the kidney as well as bladder stones.

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