How To Become Stronger With a Vegetarian Diet


Strong With Vegetarian Diet

Since meats are the prominent sources of muscle building protein, most people are mistaken that vegetarian diet cannot help in body building. There are some incredibly good vegetarian diet that can help build a strong physique and knowing this can significantly encourage those who are vegetarians.

Diet planning

In the first place, know that some of the incredibly strong and muscular bodied animals like elephants, horses, oxen and gorillas are strictly vegetarian. Diet planning for muscle building must ensure that there is sufficient amount of calories remaining after those that are burned through exercises and activities. Some of the prominent vegetarian sources of muscle building proteins include whole grains, seeds, vegetables, fruits and nuts.


Nuts and especially those like cashews and almonds are delicious and crunchy. Almost all people like to eat them. They are one of the most preferred body building foods as they contain high amount of protein, fats and fibres. These aspects can help you build-up your muscles even after heavy workouts in gyms. In just one cup of almonds, you get 30 grams of protein and 71 grams of fat. One ounce of nuts supply you 150 calories. Since nuts are easily portable, you can relish them any time you want and therefore can easily fulfil your muscle building goals.


Quinoa is the seed of a leafy plant. This is one of the most incredible sources of all the nine beneficial kind of amino acids which cannot be produced by the body. In addition, this food is also rich in proteins and complex kind of carbohydrates. Even during lengthy workout sessions, quinoa can ensure a steady supply of energy. You can easily cook quinoa like rice and also prepare several dishes with it.


Legumes and beans especially like that of chickpeas are highly rich in proteins. Bean varieties including kidney bean and pinto bean are found enriched with fibres and proteins that can promote insulin response and thus can improve the absorption of nutrients. Just one cup of chickpeas can give you 40 grams of protein, 120 grams of carbohydrates and 8 grams of healthy fats.


Seeds are the most important foods for muscle building. The varieties including flax seeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds are loaded with proteins, fibre and important fatty acids. They can make up the perfect workout food. They reduce inflammation, help in the recovery of tissues after damage and exercise, and help in weight management.


Some fitness experts advise avoiding fruits since many fruits contain high amounts of fructose that can lead to fat accumulation. But some wonderful fruits like bananas, apples and cantaloupes can promote muscle building. Some of the components that are important in increasing lean muscle mass including minerals, fibre, vitamins and carbohydrates are adequately loaded in these fruits.


Fermented dairy food products like yoghurt can as well be called magic foods for muscle building. More than containing healthy fat, they too have rich amounts of probiotic bacteria that can help in digestion and intake of more nutrients. Therefore, these foods can significantly help realize muscle building goals the easy vegetarian way.

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