Japan looks to protect itself from North Korea Missile threat. Invests in US missile defence system


Japan has decided to invest in US Missile Defence system in order to counter the threat that comes all the way from North Korea and their ballistic missiles. The Japanese officials have also invested in the deployment of interceptors of ground-based missiles, which they have bought from the US.

The Ministry of Defence is ready to buy two Aegis Ashore Land based systems and are looking forward to ass it to their SM-3 guided missiles. The Cabinet in Japan took this decision on Tuesday and approved the purchase of this expensive hardware in order to respond to the growing threat of North Korea in the world

According to some Japanese officials, North Korea’s nuclear as well as missile development has been threatening the peace of the world and could also be an imminent threat for the safety of Japan. These decisions have been taken to improve the defence capability of Japan and will keep the calm and sanctity of its people. They might also help Japan in a sustainable way.

North Korea tested two ballistic missiles, on of them was the famous Hwasong-15, which was also test-launched over the territory of Japan in the recent past. This has stirred up many debates and alerts among millions of people in the North to take cover. The missiles are powered and capable enough to strike through the United States of America. This test of ballistic missiles is a likely cause of threat to not only Japan but to the whole world in a way, and hence Japan wants to ensure that there are improvements in their Ballistic Missile Defence Mechanism.

The Ministry of Defence in Japan has officially refused to talk about the details of this development and Aegis Ashore deployment. This can be sure until the 2018 Defence Budget is released in the new year 2018. The Deployment development can cost Japan about 200 billion Yen, which is approximately $1.8

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