Lots Of People Are Grooving To This Trending ‘Mallu’ Song. Heard It Yet?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Malayali or not. This new track by singer and rapper Rinosh George is the coolest earworm you can pick up today. 

An unofficial anthem of sorts, the song I’m a Mallu talks about all things Malayali – whether it’s signature dishes like meencurry or parothas, the movies that are “always remade and sold,” or the love for actor Mohanlal, among others. The song also helps clear several stereotypes like “no, we don’t use coconut in every dish we make” and “call me Madrasi and your elle (bone) we break.”

While ‘Mallus’ (as the song says) will probably love the song, non-Malayalis too will thoroughly enjoy the track. Twitter too seems extremely excited about it:

Wait no longer and listen to the awesome track below. Don’t be surprised if you end up humming M.A.L.L.U. M.A.L.L.U. once you’re done with the video.


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