Meet the Earth Martians. People Who Might First Settle Down In Mars.

Mars One, a one of a kind mission will release volunteers on planet Mars.

The mission got a positive response from 200,000 people who are willing to leave Earth and make Mars their new home.

Mars One has picked four such volunteers who will be released on the planet. Before that, there will be a training process conducted to teach the volunteers how different their lifestyle be on the red planet. The training process will also be made into a reality TV show, which will show the big preparations.

A ten minute documentary made my Guardian profiles three Mars One applicants who tell the camera why they are ready to leave Earth and want to never come back. The applicants have interesting answers on how they will cope without sex on the red planet. However, there is a speculation that two out of three applicants will be rejected on personality grounds.

Mars One astronauts will be trained to acquire great physical resilience and mental health. They will also be under a huge amount of public scrutiny as they will be the first humans to experience a different planet altogether.

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