Mother waits for her son at Railway Station since 3 months.


Please READ & SHARE……We have found this MOTHER in Sleeper Class Waiting Room in Secunderabad Railway Station Yesterday…It was so painful to hear her storyas she was in abandoned stage and waiting for her Son, who heartlessly left this wonderful loving mother in the Railway Station almost a year ago. Not realizing the fact that her son may never come back, she is waiting in the hall since then.

She is not begging for anything for her survival and not accepting any sort of kindness from any one, but she mentioned that until unless she finds her son, she will not leave the place.

She said, she belongs to an upper class family from Rajahmundry of AP she was married to a scientist. She is having three children and the son who left her is highly educated and well settled in terms of Job and other aspects and most of her relatives settled in Kukatpally Hyderabad. She does not want to go to her relatives place as she only wants to stay with her son…

Let us share this maximum…One day it will reach that Son, Who left this wonderful loving mother heartlessly…And if there is a bit of humanity and kindness left in his heart, and the conscience allow him to do so, let him correct the greatest mistake he has done…rather than the curse of God destructs Him…

We tried our Very Best to convince her to come with us so that we can give a permanent solution to her but she was keep on telling.. “I don’t trust anyone.. You people don’t waste your time on me. My son will come for me”

We know that we cannot change this Mother’s feelings on her son but we cannot also leave her helpless like that. We were able to convince the shopkeepers and police to do their bit by giving her food and by doing what ever help they can..They agreed. She will get basic needs.

Thanks to Abhi Sashi Brother and his Team for informing us about this Grandma and for doing their bit for her.

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