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Mouse Caught Smuggling Drugs In Brazilian Prison


A mouse has been caught transporting drugs between cells in a Brazilian Prison.
Officers at Barra da Grota prison in Araguaina spotted the tiny creature running through a prison corridor with bags of drugs tied to a hook on its tail. Prison director Gran Carlos Gomes said police are reviewing CCTV footage in an effort to discover who trained the mouse, according to The Daily Star.

He said: “They attached a hook to the mouse’s tail and then used it to carry the drugs and other goods from one cell to another. “When the animal arrived at its destination, the prisoner took the mouse and removed the hook from its tail. ”Following an investigation, police recovered 29 small packets of cannabis and 23 packs of cocaine from the mouse’s activities.

One guard at the prison, in the state of Tocantins, said: “We thought we’d seen everything but this is definitely new.”

The tiny smuggler was later released outside the prison.

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