Music Video MY ROOM by Sirens of Shanti released

Toronto,Sirens of Shanti is an eclectic and energetic music project by Tony Singh (formerly of the Juno-nominated Punjabi by Nature). The project was spurred by what Tony felt was a void in the music industry. The music can be described as “global groove”: a blend of complex ragas and rhythms from various parts of Southeast Asia, the Middle East and the Caribbean, set to some heavy dance – sometimes industrial – beats. Amidst the layers of electronica and heavy percussion lays an array of traditional instruments which you can trust are properly honoured in hopes of bringing these soul pleasing eastern sounds to the world. Vocals in Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, English and Hebrew permeate melodies that make your second chakra want to burst open. Song lyrics remind you not to take life too seriously yet at the same time seriously challenge more traditional mindsets.
MUKTA Advertising presented a World Premiere of the Music Video MY ROOM by Sirens of Shanti (SOS, AKA: PBN – Punjabi by Nature), a SOLD OUT show on December 16th @ Lula Lounge in Toronto. Media, community leaders and VVIP in attendance were thrilled by the presentation and launch event.
As we walk into Lula Lounge, that is a vibrant hub for musical culture in Toronto, to the left is a room with tall glass windows with ample day light. SOS had set their red carpet experience with a Step & Repeat for fans and media.
In this room there were two booths, one with SOS merchandise like T-Shirts, bandana and music downloads cards and Jadoo Entertainment who showcased Bollywood & Hip-Hop style live dancing.
“Music is best and dependent on engineering,” explains Juno Award Nominee, Tony Singh and with pride introduced Jeff Holdip, a celebrity colleague with whom he worked from Punjabi by Nature days.
The launch event opened with The Sleepovers band that is self-prescribed indie-garage pop genre that warmed up the audience and set the mood.
 “Ten years ago, I felt the need for Desi Music events and I started the DesiFEST (South Asian Music Festival) in core downtown at Yonge & Dundas Square, but before that I take pride in recognizing the pioneer of desi music in Canada, Tony Singh who created this wave in the 90’s and went bagging international fame and critical awards from the music Industry,” said Mr. Satish Bala as the guest of Honor of the event and the CEO | Founder BlueBand Digital & desiFEST.
“Tony is once again creating music that pushes the norms and gets people dancing again. From the days of PBN to now with his band SOS, Tony’s music is global and while it has strong ties to Desi music, it’s fusion of western music make it appealing to everyone. Hats off from team desiFEST,” endorsed Mr. Bala with an amaze.
Addressing an audience of 300, Mr. Bala congratulated Tony Singh, Founder and Creative Director of SOS for consistently working on his craft and re-inventing new styles for music lovers.
“I am impressed to have a full-house of professional and multicultural guests on a Wednesday-night, mid-December,” exclaimed Vaz Cranis, General Manager. “It is a Terrific evening,” he adds raising his eyebrows and with a smile.
The World Premiere of MY ROOM music video by JUNO AWARD Nominee, Tony Singh was introduced by a unique comical act of three characters, Narrator, Killa Shark and a Cat. That merged open the music video and got the audience dancing and humming. It is now released on SOS website: www.sirensofshanti.rocks
Followed by the live performance, Tony Singh came on stage with his signature make-up, eye glasses and all in black outfit. The all women band brings tremendous energy and the fusion of Eastern lyrics and music influences from around the world made it unique and engaging.
“The premier for My Room by Tony Singh and the Sirens of Shanti is a superb event! The music video is so much fun to watch and the music makes you get up out of your seat and dance! It is an honour to be at this fantastic unveiling. I will be singing My Room for days!” said Haleigh Bolter why dancing on the floor and enjoying the live concert.
“What a fantastic night out! The premier of My Room with Tony Singh and Sirens of Shanti is a delight. The video is a visual feast and I will be telling all my friends about it. The live set by Tony Singh and Sirens of Shanti is amazing and you couldn’t help, but get up and dance during it,” said Brandy Broderick.
‘SOS’s music made me feel loved’ said Chris Wong, another member in enthralled audience.
Video Producer, Valerie Pospodinis was over joyed by the response of the audience and looking forward to the next music video production in early 2016.
 The night ended with Jason DJ Shine Spanu mixing music while guests danced, mingled and celebrated the holiday season.
This SOS event supports CameronHelps, a not-for-profit organization that prevents youth suicide and improve youth mental health through awareness and effective community-based programs.

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