Never fall sick again. Here is how


Build up your immunity

Do you know that in order to become almost immune to illnesses, you need to detoxify each and every part of your body for a healthy you. Here is how you can do that


Probably one of the most important organs of the body, you can detoxify the stomach by staying away from junk food and limit your eating out to no more than twice a month. You should also aim to cleanse out your system by going on a fruit and salad diet once a week and drinking enough water.


Stay away from too much sugar and oily food. You should also exercise regularly to keep your weight under check. Stay away from smoking and too much drinking. Apart from this, the heart needs enough fibre to pump blood into various organs of the body, so increase your intake of fresh, green vegetables along with dairy products.


You should also regularly exfoliate and moisturize your skin apart from wearing sunscreen when you go out. Your skin will glow inside out if you take foods rich in iron. This includes milk and green leafy vegetables.


Avoid exposing your ears to too much of noise at a stretch. This apart, you should also get your ears professionally cleaned once in a while (never at home)


Have plenty of walnuts to make your brain stronger. “Exercise” your brain regularly by playing mind exercising games and solving puzzles. Read as much as you can.


Don’t disturb your sleep cycle. Get your daily quota of beauty sleep. If you have a desk job, give your eyes some rest every couple of hours and blink regularly. Get your eyes tested once every year. If your eyes are weak, chew on some carrots to better your eyesight.


Drink enough water to help the kidneys flush out all toxins. Avoid too much alcohol and caffeine.


Avoid drinking and smoking and cut down on oily and junk foods. If you are overweight, start exercising.


Avoid smoking. Wear a pollution mask when you are out of the house.

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