Once-in-a-lifetime scene: Strawberry full moon to meet summer solstice today!


Today, the astronomers and skygazers of northern hemisphere are going to witness a rare celestial event which roughly occurs once in a generation.

For the first time in 70 years the Strawberry full moon will rise on the day of summer solstice. June 20 is the summer solstice of 2016 which marks the beginning of official summer season. The daytime will be the longest today and sun will shine for 17 hours!

And during the shining hours it will also pave the way for a bright strawberry moon. This means you can see both sun and moon together in the evening sky. And if you are wondering that today’s moon will appear a bit reddish or pinky, then we are sorry it won’t.

Actually, early native Americans named the full moon of June as a strawberry moon as it signifies the beginning of the strawberry picking season.

According to Old Farmer’s Almanac, a full solstice moon hasn’t occurred since 1948. So, the falling of strawberry moon exactly on the summer solstice is making this evening a momentous one.

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