Pakistan YouTube Video “Tajdar-e-Haram” smashes with100 million views

Pakistan YouTube Video “Tajdar-e-Haram” smashes with100 million views

Music is Universal It has No Boundaries …..As Atif Aslam’s ‘Tajdar-e-Haram’, a 10-minute-long song from Coke Studio’s eighth season becomes the first song from Pakistan to cross hundred million views on YouTube. The song has been watched by people living in more than 186 countries across the world. The qawwali was initially produced by songwriter Shiraz Uppal. Atif had planned to keep the track for himself and had asked for Shiraz to arrange the music.

Pakistani music producer Rohail Hyatt in 2008, is the longest-running annual TV music show in that country.

Singer Atif Aslam and produced by Strings, has become the country’s first YouTube video to cross 100 million views. Tajdar-e-Haram was originally composed by the Sabri Brothers.

It features performances blending folk and traditional music with contemporary global genres like hip-hop, R&B and even pop. People are consuming singles and a wide variety of genres…” The premise was – The world doesn’t just listen to music, but also views music.


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