Professor builds dream mountain villa where he can get away from it all. Only problem is, it’s on top of a Beijing apartment block (and the people underneath aren’t too happy)

  • Academic Zhang Lin has spent six years shifting rocks and rubble to the roof to create this mountaintop penthouse
  • But residents say he is a ‘menace’ and has caused cracks in the building and leaks from broken pipes
  • Officials say he had no planning permission for the ‘extension’ but it will only be demolished if proven unsafe

    A Chinese man has spent six years building his dream mountaintop villa on top of a Beijing apartment block.

    Eccentric Professor Zhang Lin shifted tons of rubble and rock onto the roof of the building to construct the outrageous home which looks like it has been carved from a mountainside.

    The property even has a rocky mountain garden, complete with rubble and shrubbery.

    Room with a view: Professor Zhang Lin has spent six years shifting rocks and rubble to the roof of this apartment block to build his dream 'mountaintop' penthouse

    But his distraught neighbours are less than impressed with the project after they were forced to put up with noise and disturbance from the building work.
    The rooftop home, which never received planning approval, has also caused cracks to appear in his neighbours’ ceilings and walls while some suffer leaks from broken pipes and drains.

    One resident said their apartment is constantly flooded while another described the academic as a ‘menace’.
    ‘This was originally a small attic when he bought it. But he tore that down and built this mountain on top of us,’ said one.
    ‘He’s broken drains so we’re always being flooded when it rains and there are huge structural cracks in our ceiling and walls,’ they added.

    ‘He is a menace as a neighbour and he didn’t get any permission to build this monstrosity,’ said another.
    Mr Lin could now be ordered to tear down his mountain penthouse, which has been slowly built up over the last six years.
    But only if he can prove it is not safe.
    ‘It has come to our attention that Professor Zhang did not apply for permission for this structure. So unless he can prove it is safe, it will have to come down,’ explained an city official.
    China is renowned for its eye-opening buildings that each tend to clinch various superlatives.
    The world’s second strongest economy unveiled a gigantic glowing doughnut-shaped hotel last month in Huzhou, near Shanghai. The 27-storey Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort, looms over the skyline offering 321 spacious guest rooms, including 44 suites and 39 villas.

    It also unveiled plans last month to build sky-high farms – towers in Tai Po, Hong Kong, that would grow rice, fruit and vegetables on each of the levels.
    The Asian country has also laid claim to the title of the world’s largest building – the The New Century Global Center in Chengdu, Sichuan province, which could 20 Sydney Opera Houses inside.
    And last week, it completed its new tallest building – the 2,073ft Shanghai Tower, a mega-skyscraper in the city’s financial district.
    Meanwhile, back in Beijing, a land ownership dispute has been dealt with by the local government building a 3metre high wall around an office building.
    Workers have been forced to scale ladders to get into and out of the building, which belongs to the Liangxiang Mechanical Installation Company.
    According to local reports, the wall was quickly built over night because of a land grab dispute. The land the office sits on is slated for development but company owner Chen Yong has turned down a compensation offer to leave. Developers want to build a luxury housing estate, reports say.
    ‘I could move my company if I wanted to,’ Mr Yong said.
    ‘But they’ve made me mad now and and I’m going to the courts to get compensation for all the lost trade I have suffered.’
    He says thugs hired by the developers first tried to scare him out.
    ‘They smashed a few windows to start with, then they put up some steel nets which I took down,’ said Chen. ‘But I won’t be intimidated or frightened,’ he added.


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