Rahul Gandhi wants judicial probe

Rahul Gandhi wants judicial probe

Rahul Gandhi wants judicial probe on explosion of the NTPC plant

 After the explosion of the NTPC plant, Rahul Gandhi is seeking a judicial probe. The death toll of the incident  has climbed up by 29, which includes nine officials of the plant killed as well. Not just Rahul Gandhi, but other opposition leaders are demanding for a judicial probe as well.

The Union Minister of Power, RK Singh arrived at the explosion site to overview the relief measures. The tragedy is now being termed as one of the worst ones in recent history. He even announces a 20 Lakh INR for the ex-gratia for the kin of the ones killed in the incident in Rae Bareli.

About 29 people have lost their lives, while 85 others are being treated in hospitals in Rae Bareli and Lucknow. Among the ones who have lost their lives was the Assistant General Manager of the NTPC plant Sanjeev Kumar Sharma, who died at a hospital in Lucknow.

Rae Bareli is the Lok Sabha constituency which is represented by him and his mother, Sonia Gandhi. He left the Gujarat campaigns to meet the victims here in Rae Bareli as soon as he got the news.

Later, Rahul Gandhi’s office went out to tweet that the accident took place because of the negligence, and there should be a judicial probe into the accident.

Rahul Gandhi even added, that he was saddened to see the pain of the victims of the NTPC incident, and their families must get their share of compensation, as well as government jobs. The injured should get all the help.

During his visit, he was seen making enquiries about people and the workers. He even told reporters about how the plant was run early, before its schedule; which should not have happened. And therefore the demand for a judicial probe was raised by him.

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