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Russia bombs ISIS headquarters in Syria, video goes viral on internet – Watch

Moscow: In a landmark victory in the war on terror, Russia has claimed to have eradicated the headquarters of ISIS in Syria.

Check out an incredible footage which shows the headquarters of the dreaded ISIS militant group and an arms depot being destroyed in the region of Ildib.

However, US President Barack Obama said that Russia’s strikes, which began on Wednesday, are “only strengthening” the ISIS position.

This is the first Russian military operation beyond the boundaries of the former Soviet Union since the end of the Cold War.

But the US and its coalition partners have already conducted over 7,000 air strikes in Syria and Iraq against the so-called Islamic State. And even on the most optimistic assessment their impact has been limited.

So, the question is: At a time when US-led coalition has failed to destroy the ISIS militants, will Russia be able to do any better?

Watch the video:

(Video courtesy: YouTube)

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