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Sedentary behaviour contributes toward heart problems; study advises more moving!


A sedentary lifestyle is one of the biggest culprits of poor health and means inviting a truck load of health problems in the long term, including heart disease and stroke, apart from other issues.


This warning has come by way of a study published in the journal Circulation, which strictly advises less sitting and more moving.


The findings showed that sedentary behaviour may be also associated with an increased risk of developing diabetes, impaired insulin sensitivity (linked to diabetes) and an overall higher risk of death from any cause.


Sitting, reclining, or laying down while awake as well as reading, watching television or working on the computer are all a part of a sedentary lifestyle, which means less energy expenditure, that is equal to 1.5 metabolic equivalents, or METs.


“Regardless of how much physical activity someone gets, prolonged sedentary time could negatively impact the health of your heart and blood vessels,” said Deborah Rohm Young, Director at Kaiser Permanente in California, US.


It is not clear whether people should replace prolonged sedentary behavior with simple movement or moderate to vigorous physical activity.


“We don’t have information about how much sedentary behaviour is bad for health – the best advice at this time is to ‘sit less and move more’,” Young added.


According to the American Heart Association 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise in a week is recommended to avoid various health risks.

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