Should You Build a Mobile App or Mobile Website ?


When it comes to knowing what segment of the mobile market to approach one should first make a strong plan and get to know all the marketing angles before settling on an investment course. The best part is that you are not limited to one way or another of doing things, however, if a budget or time crunch will only allow you to choose one promotional method then think carefully about what you want to get out of your investment.


Promoting your app should be one of the most important parts when laying out your marketing plan. App advertising can come in numerous forms. There are many advertising services offered by major social media websites. While these can be customized to find your target audience, they are also ignored a lot of the time.  A good alternative or at least a complementary method would be community websites that are dedicated exclusively to app developers. They help promote the product, find additional funding if required and can even facilitate business partnerships with investors or other developers.

On the other hand, mobile-app website design is also an important tool for increasing the popularity of your product.  They are often enough the first line of information potential clients or business partners see. Making a good first impression as well as providing sufficient details about the products is extremely important, and while it may sound simple enough, a lot of promising products get this vital step wrong and end up suffering or even going under in the long term.

The design of the website is also extremely important. A sleek, beautiful website will show attention to detail and a high level of care for the design aspect of your product; both qualities you quickly want to show off to any potential clients or partners.

Make sure to find a theme and a look that resonates with your product as well as the service it provides and try to balance design with utility. 


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