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The increased consumption of meat laden with growth hormones may be the reason for a growing number of cases of breast cancer, according to breast surgeon to the stars, Kristi Funk. The Beverly Hills-based doctor is leading the way in breast cancer treatment, and an A-list roster of clients including Angelina Jolie, Sheryl Crow, and Ellen Pompeo have taken her advice on nutrition and the benefits of a vegan diet […]

Brachytherapy can now reduce treatment time for breast cancer

A new form of treatment, Brachytherapy can now reduce treatment time for breast cancers. The technique involves the insertion of radioactive implants directly into the cancer cell tissue. As for treatment, breast-conserving surgery followed by radiation therapy and hormonal treatment/chemotherapy depending on the type of cancer is the standard care for newly diagnosed breast cancer in elderly women. ‘External radiation therapy lasting 4-6 weeks involves 21 to 31 sittings. But, […]

Breakthrough: Immunotherapy cures late-stage breast cancer, says study

A woman with an aggressive form of breast cancer, which defied chemotherapy and spread to other organs, was cured with an experimental treatment that triggered her immune system. The woman has been cancer-free for two years, reported the US-based team of researchers, presenting their results as “a new immunotherapy approach” for the treatment of patients with a late-stage form of the disease. Other experts who were not involved in the […]

Have cure for most deadly form of breast cancer, says Indian-origin boy

A 16-year-old Indian-origin boy in the UK has claimed to have found a treatment for the most deadly form of breast cancer which is unresponsive to drugs. Krtin Nithiyanandam, who moved to the UK from India with his parents, hopes he has found a way to turn so-called triple negative breast cancer into a kind which responds to drugs. Many breast cancers are driven by oestrogen, progesterone or growth chemicals […]

Cattle leukemia virus found in milk linked to breast cancer – study

Women exposed to bovine leukemia virus, a routine presence in bulk milk tanks at large dairy farms, are 3.1 times more likely to develop breast cancer than women whose tissue was not subject to the virus, known as BLV, according to a new study. These odds are higher than those associated with other top breast cancer risks, including obesity and alcohol consumption, according to researchers at the University of California […]

What Are The First Warning Signs Of Breast Cancer?

  Unlike the common myth that a lump is the only indication of breast cancer, there are multiple symptoms that can help in proactively seeking advanced diagnostics and medical help at an early stage. Warning signs of breast cancer vary from woman to woman and there are some cases where symptoms don’t show up at all, even in mammography scans. The most common symptoms are: a change in the look […]

Five preventive tips for breast cancer risk

The following are the top five preventive tips for breast cancer risk. By adopting these, you can ward off breast cancer. 1. Uphold a sturdy weight and keep yourself in good shape. Try your level best to be physically active. Either walk or indulge in some aerobic exercise for three to five hours per week so as to snip your liability of breast cancer because physical activity curtails the levels […]

Facebook Removes Photo Of Breast Cancer Survivor's Tattoo, Users Fight Back

In a move criticized by many, Facebook removed a photo of a breast cancer survivor’s large chest tattoo, citing a violation of its strict nudity policy, UPI reports. However, the social networking site has since backtracked on its decision, allowing the photo to stay on the Custom Tattoo Design’s Facebook page. In an email to The Huffington Post, Fred Wolens of Facebook Policy Communications explained the move, writing “Mastectomy photos […]

Fashion for a Cause

Indian swimwear designers have crafted a mastectomy blouse for women with breast cancer. It was more than a decade ago that Simran Singh (name changed) underwent a “breast-removal operation”, clinically referred to as mastectomy, in Chandigarh. A cancer survivor, Singh fought off the disease bravely but rues how “things were never the same.” Once a smart dresser, the former school teacher lost confidence in her appearance and substituted first baby […]