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ClamorWorld Exclusive: In conversation with Indo Canadian Author Rajneesh Dhawan of Amritsar 1919

  Sunil Mantri(SM): Could you  tell something about yourself ? Rajneesh Dhawan)(RD): I am Associate Professor with the Department of English at the University of the Fraser Valley in Canada. I was born in Amritsar and despite being a Canadian for almost ten years, I have retained strong connections with the city of my birth. I have been freelancing for stage and television for more than two decades. I have written three T.V. series […]

Expat Tushar Unadkat dedicates his time to altruistic endeavors in Gujarat.

Winter time is popular for NRIs hibernating to India for family-reunions, weddings, and shopping. However, there are few who come here with a mission to make a grassroots difference to the community and amongst them, one is Tushar Unadkat from Toronto, Canada. “Talking about Charities in Gujarat, there are many but a few that are close to my heart include the Lion Blind Girls Welfare Centre Trust (LBGWCT), Voluntary Youth […]

Canada man chooses death with dignified party – music, whiskey and cigars included

Dan Laramie of Keremeos died with medical help on March 2 after amazing ‘farewell to this life’ party After years of serious health struggles related to diabetes, Dan Laramie left this world on his own terms, to the sound of cheers and applause celebrating a wonderful life. The 68-year-old well-known local musician (K-Town/Corner Turtles/Lulu and The Lazy Boys) passed away Saturday night at home, in Keremeos, at about 9:30 p.m. […]

Ontario Government Considers Banning Single-Use Plastic And Ontarians Are Ecstatic

Ontario Government wishes to ban single-use plastic items such as straws and cutlery. In a new strategy to limit the amount of waste that is being put into the landfills each year, the Ontario Government has announced that they are considering banning single-use plastics throughout the province. After the government released a discussion paper which outlines their ideas for addressing the waste problem in our province, many Ontarians have seemed […]

Meet Canada's youngest billionaire on 2019 Forbes ranking

Forty-five Canadians have made Forbes magazine’s annual list of billionaires, with the youngest Canuck being 37-year-old e-commerce founder Peter Szulczewski. With a net worth of US$1.4 billion, the Polish-Canadian entrepreneur came in at number 1,605 on the global list, but ranked 34th out of the 45 Canadians. Shopify founder Tobi Lutke was the second-youngest Canadian on the list at 38 years old, followed by StumbleUpon’s 40-year-old Garrett Camps. Szulczewski is […]

Lord Of The Rings Fans Can Stay In An Actual Hobbit House In Canada This Spring

All the magic of Hobbiton IRL just 3 hours from Ottawa Canadian Lord of the Rings fans have more to look forward to than just the new Amazon show! You can live like a hobbit this Spring in Canada. I’ve always wanted to go wander the idyllic Hobbiton village and putter around in an adorable hobbit home eating seed cake and drinking ale. Superfans make the pilgrimage to New Zealand […]

You Can Go On A Magical Fireworks Cruise At Niagara Falls This Spring

Shake up your usual weekend plans and go catch an extraordinary fireworks show from the deck of a Niagara cruise! Hornblower Niagara Cruises is doing a Falls Fireworks Cruise that is the perfect way to kick off Spring or Summer this year with a bang. This after-dark cruise is about 40 minutes long and treats you to a unique fireworks show that magically lights up the falls. There is even […]

Billion Dollar Fund for Women Expands to Canada

It is a well-understood fact that there is a clear lack of diversity when it comes to gender representation in VC firms. Billion Dollar Fund for Women is looking to even the tables by increasing total investments for women-led companies, and now the initiative has come to Canada to recruit local VC firms. The fund will be led in Canada by Lally Rementilla, the president of Quantius, a Toronto-based IP […]

Toronto's Pearson Airport Will Soon Have 15 Therapy Dogs To Keep You Company While You Wait For Your Flight

Toronto’s Pearson Airport just hired 15 dogs to alleviate all the stress of travelling. Flying can be stressful. Whether it’s long flight delays, getting pulled aside for random screening at security, or just the simple fact that you’re about to be thousands of feet up in the air, there is always something to stress you out. One Canadian airport is trying to fix that though. Toronto’s Pearson Airport just hired […]

An Insect From The Ice Age Was Found Alive In This Canadian City

This ancient bug was found in Port Alberni and it’s species has been around for 26,500 years! A newly discovered insect that is believed to have been around since the last ice age has recently appeared in BC. How fitting that we find this ice age bug now seeing as we are experiencing this frigid cold front! This cave dwelling, cold-loving bug was found living on Vancouver Island and according […]