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Trusted Donald Trump aide Hope Hicks quits as White House communications director

Hope Hicks, one of US President Donald Trump`s longest-serving, most trusted aides, is resigning from her job as White House communications director. The White House announced she was leaving a day after Hicks, 29, spent nine hours in a closed hearing of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee on its investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said Hicks` decision to leave […]

'I just don't like Muslim people': Donald Trump's apointee Carl Higbie quits after CNN unearths racist rants

A US official appointed by President Donald Trump has resigned after CNN posted excerpts of him making racist and Islamophobic comments on a radio show he used to host, the news network reported. Carl Higbie resigned from his post as external affairs chief at the Corporation for National and Community Service, according to a statement from CNCS spokeswoman Samantha Jo Warfield, CNN said. Higbie, the CNCS – an agency that […]

Hillary Clinton attacks Donald Trump's 'dangerous' handling of Iran and North Korea

Hillary Clinton says President Donald Trump’s threat to pull out of the Iran nuclear accord is “dangerous,” and she suggests her former campaign opponent is undermining the validity of the United States’ promises to other nations. Trump had accused Iran of violating the landmark 2015 accord, blaming the Iranians for a litany of sinister behaviour and hitting their main military wing with anti-terror penalties. Trump, breaking his campaign pledge to […]

Trump calls Iran nuclear deal 'one of worst' in US history, but won't pull out of it for now

President Donald Trump on Friday angrily accused Iran of violating the landmark 2015 international nuclear accord, blaming the Iranians for a litany of sinister behavior and hitting their main military wing with anti-terror penalties. But Trump, breaking his campaign pledge to rip up the agreement, did not pull the US out or re-impose nuclear sanctions. He still might, he was quick to add. For now, he’s tossing the issue to […]

Donald Trump scraps 'Dreamers' program, fate of 8 lakh young immigrants uncertain

President Donald Trump on Tuesday scrapped a program that protects from deportation almost 800,000 young men and women who were brought into the United States illegally as children, giving a gridlocked Congress six months to decide their fate. Trump’s action, announced by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, rescinds a program called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). The program, created by Democratic former President Barack Obama, is supported by Democrats and […]

Why Donald Trump's rejection of Paris Climate Agreement is the nadir of his isolationist agenda

Donald Trump’s decision for the US to join the elite club — hitherto comprising only Syria and Nicaragua — of countries rejecting the climate agreement has largely drawn negative reactions from all over the world. Not that it mattered to the US president, who delivered a chest-thumping address from the White House, and then took to social media for a bit more thumping of his chest: There’s nothing wrong per […]

Donald Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian foreign minister: Report

US President Donald Trump disclosed highly classified information to the Russian foreign minister during their meeting last week, potentially jeopardizing a source of intelligence about Islamic State, The Washington Post reported on Monday, citing current and former US officials. Reacting to the newspaper’s report, the Senate’s No. 2 Democrat, Dick Durbin, called Trump’s conduct “dangerous” and reckless,” while the Republican head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Bob Corker, called […]

China 'putting pressure' on North Korea, says Donald Trump

Donald Trump thinks Chinese President Xi Jinping is “putting pressure” on North Korea, the US president said in an interview to air on Sunday, as tensions mount over Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programmes. If North Korea carries out a nuclear test “I would not be happy,” Trump told the CBS television network’s “Face the Nation” programme. “And I can tell you also, I don’t believe that the president of China, […]

Donald Trump Calls For Reform Of H1-B Visa Programme Used By Indians

President Donald Trump on Tuesday ordered federal agencies to look at tightening a temporary visa programme used to bring high-skilled foreign workers to the United States, as he tries to carry out his campaign pledges to put “America First.” Trump signed an executive order on enforcing and reviewing the H-1B visa, popular in the technology industry, on a visit to the headquarters of Snap-On Inc <SNA.N>, a tool manufacturer in […]

Donald Trump administration should levy heavy costs on Pakistan for perpetuating terror in India, recommend top US think-tanks

It seems Pakistan is all set to be cornered by the US for its terror activities against India and other countries. In a major development, top US think-tanks have recommended to the Donald Trump administration that the US should “levy costs” on Pakistan for perpetuating terrorism in India and Afghanistan. Also, the think-tanks say that the Trump admin must quickly formulate a new approach toward the country to prevent it […]