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This Is The Best and Cheapest Airbnb in the World

Grab a suitcase and start packing your beach essentials immediately because there is no doubt you’re going to want to check into this Airbnb. Kefalonia, Greece, The accommodation: a clean and bright one-bedroom apartment with a living/dining room, fully-equipped kitchen, bathroom and, crucially, a balcony overlooking the countryside. This is not just any one-bed apartment though. It’s a one-bed apartment within short walking distance from one of the most stunning […]

The man the Greeks hate the most

Wolfgang Schauble has done right by the Euro zone, but the Greeks believe that doesn’t necessarily mean he has done right by them. A Greek publication recently carried a photo of a vampire with this caption: ‘For five years now he has been sucking your blood.’ The reference was not to any vampire, but to one of the key persons in the tough Grexit negotiations, the wheel-chair bound German Finance […]

Greece's Voters Decide Euro Future in Too-Close-to-Call Poll

ATHENS: Greeks voted today in a tightly fought referendum on whether to accept worsening austerity in exchange for more bailout funds, or reject it in a gamble that could see it crash out of the euro. Polling stations were open across the country of 11 million people — on far-flung Aegean islands, in the shadow of the 2,400-year-old Parthenon in Athens, to the northern border shared with fellow EU state […]

Taiwan’s unwanted pups find new homes in Vancouver

Mei is one of Taiwan’s unwanted. The attractive, two-year-old Formosan Mountain Dog is friendly, up-to-date on all her shots, and spayed. In Canada, she would be an ideal candidate for adoption. But in Taiwan, the former stray spent months bouncing around shelter-to-shelter, unable to attract the interest of potential new owners. Adoption rates in that country are low, making it nearly impossible for mutts and dogs with disabilities to find […]