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India Showing Maturity On 'Tantrum-Throwing' China On Doklam: US Expert

India is “behaving like a mature power” in tackling the Doklam standoff in the Sikkim sector and making China look like an adolescent throwing a “temper tantrum”, a top American defence expert has said. India and China have been locked in a  face of in Doklam for the last 50 days after Indian troops stopped the Chinese People’s Liberation Army from building a road in the area. Praising India’s conduct […]

India hospital: 60 children die in Uttar Pradesh

At least 60 children have died at a public hospital in northern India, officials say, amid allegations that the oxygen supply was cut over unpaid bills. Officials in Uttar Pradesh state admitted the supply had been disrupted but said this did not cause the deaths. There was panic at the hospital with relatives trying to support staff using manual breathing bags, local media say. Most victims were at the neonatal […]

Entry-level jobs could soon pay Rs. 18000 all across India and that could be a problem

While lay-offs have become the norm especially in futuristic sectors like IT, the Union cabinet has cleared the labor code on minimum wages, creating a minimum wage barrier of Rs. 18,000/- With the implementation of this bill, any state is bound by law to not pay a lesser amount. This translates to that the minimum wage for someone working in a metro city will be the same as that of […]

India blocks the Internet Archive

The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine is being blocked by many of India’s net providers. The online tool allows the public to see old versions of websites and contains more than 302 billion saved web pages. Affected users are being shown a message saying that access has been restricted under the orders of the government’s Department of Telecommunications. However, no explanation has been given. “Courts and security agencies do block certain […]

Sikkim standoff: India 'believes' China won't risk even a 'small-scale military operation' despite aggressive rhetoric from Beijing

Despite the tension between the two nations, along with the aggressive rhetoric from Beijing, increasing with every passing day over the military standoff in Sikkim sector, India’s security apparatus is certain that China will not risk a war or even a “small-scale military operation”.  Times of India, in its report, cited sources in the security establishment saying that a “face-saving” workable option is both for India and China to simultaneously […]

Sushma swaraj ‘lied’ in Parliament on Doklam standoff, India should get ready for war: Chinese media

The State-run Chinese media on Friday accused External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj of lying in Parliament that the world community supported India over the Doklam standoff and warned that India will have to face war and lose even its own territory if it fails to pull back troops. A hard-hitting commentary in the Global Times said India had tested China’s patience, whose next move would be war if New Delhi […]

Dokalam stand-off: 'Hindu nationalism risks pushing India into war with China

Amid simmering border tension over Dokalam in Sikkim, China state-controlled media has said that Hindu nationalism risks pushing India into war with China. An article published in China’s Global Times has hit ou at Prime Minister Narendxra Modi saying, “Nationalist fervor that demands revenge against China has taken root in India since the border war. The election of Indian PM Modi has fueled the country’s nationalist sentiments. Modi took advantage […]

Why does Indian's Karnataka state want its own flag?

The government in the southern Indian state of Karnataka recently set up a panel to explore if the state can have its own separate flag. The BBC explains why it has become such a contentious issue. A ‘Kannada flag’ The state has had an unofficial ‘Kannada flag’ since the 1960s – the red-and-yellow flag is popular with the local people and many Kannada activists also wear it as a scarf. […]

India overtakes US as Facebook’s No. 1 user

India has overtaken the US to become Facebook’s largest country audience with a total 241 million active users, compared to 240 million in the US. The change at the top of the platform’s country rankings comes just a few days after Facebook announced it has more than two billion monthly users around the world, a report in The Next Web on Thursday said. The portal was quoting figures that the […]

Sikkim standoff: India has ‘ulterior motives’ in claiming Doklam part of tri-junction, says China

Reiterating that India has violated the 1890 treaty between Britain and China, Beijing on  Friday accused New Delhi of having “ulterior motives” in including the tri-junction with Bhutan in the Sikkim standoff . In a statement, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said that New Delhi’s acceptance of the 1890 Sino-British treaty on the boundaries in the area should not change with the passage of time. “The so-called tri-junction point […]