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4 Scientifically Proven Habits That Will Give You the Edge You Need

4 Scientifically Proven Habits That Will Give You the Edge You Need For me, outstanding success and prosperity that remains stable in a fast-evolving world is the only kind of success I care about. Not enough success gurus and motivational coaches are good at sharing principles and practices that can actually help anyone anywhere achieve long-term success. Due to the fact that most people are only interested in “quick fixes,” […]

How gossip changed one Pakistani woman's life

A Pakistani-born woman has won a 17-year legal battle over a university error that triggered damaging gossip that changed the course of her life, reports the BBC’s Umer Nangiana in Lahore. “The university crushed my dreams and it never apologised,” said Wajiha Arooj. “No money could compensate for the damage their act did to my honour and reputation in society.” It began with a seemingly minor error, when Ms Arooj, […]

May Day and Work Life Balance

The 1st of May , originally started as a an event to mark the change of seasons from spring to summer. It was late in the 19th century that it started to gain significance as International Workers Day. There is an interesting connection here between May Day and the traditional work hours that we spend at office. The Workers Day commemoration originates from an unfortunate incident called the Haymarket affair […]

The lecture that changed APJ's life!

  A brief class by his teacher on the Rameswaram seashore on how birds fly and the locomotive force behind their flight gave former President A P J Abdul Kalam his aim in life and helped him in understanding physics better. This and several nuggets about Kalam’s life besides advice for young people on careers in areas like robotics, aeronautics, neurosciences, pathology, paleontology and material sciences find mention in a […]

Learn how your 7 chakras are influencing your life!

  There is more to us than just the physical body. Our body is an energetic system through which the universal life force flows. Our seven chakras are a part of this energetic system – they connect us with the larger part of ourselves, the universe, and at the same time they hold the secrets to a healthy, prosperous and gratifying life. Read on to know more… Tapping the energy […]

12 things you need to know about work-life balance

Virender Kapoor is the former director of Symbiosis Institute of Management and knows a thing or two about balancing your work and life. And he wants you to know too: 1. Don’t expect your employer to strike that balance Companies offer several freebies so their employees can perform better. They will have a gym, a food plaza and pick-up and drop facilities. Occasionally, they will also throw in a vacation […]

Into the Light: 5 Steps to Find Your Way Through the Darkness

  Most of us will experience a low point in life, where we’ve become lost and have wandered off of our path. It can be scary and depressing, and this feeling can cause many people to lose hope and become disconnected from the love of the universe. There are many reasons one may find themselves in the darkness, and some of them are certainly very serious. Many people suffer from […]

12 Pieces Of Buddhist Wisdom That Will Transform Your Life

1. LIVE WITH COMPASSION Compassion is one of the most revered qualities in Buddhism and great compassion is a sign of a highly realized human being. Compassion doesn’t just help the world at large, and it isn’t just about the fact that it’s the right thing to do. Compassion, and seeking to understand those around you, can transform your life for a number of reasons. First, self-compassion is altogether critical […]

Life of an entrepreneur: Tears and fears, guts and glory

Entrepreneurship, they say, is a game of sports, competitive sports, where you play to win. What kind of sport is it? Is it like swimming, where you have to go against the flow? Or, is it like sailing, where you have to leverage the tide? They say it’s like running, not the sprint but a marathon, where you are in for the long haul. Hmm… Some say, entrepreneurship is about […]

What can you learn from Ratan Tata's life?

Ratan Tata’s name has been synonymous with leadership for many years and will continue to be for years to come. Did you know that when he joined the famous Tata Group in the 1960s he started off as a blue collar employee? Despite the fact that he didn’t have to, he chose to start from the grassroots level to understand the business and learn every aspect of the company. This […]