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CLAMORWORLD SPECIAL : Lessons From Gujarat Elections For BJP

The Gujarat election results is all about anti-climax. BJP has won majority and the question is about how many seats it has lost. Congress has lost the elections but the chat is about how many seats they have gained. Yes indeed this is the changed dynamics that BJP needs to take into consideration going forward. There are some in the political circles who use terms like anti-incumbency and pro-cumbency to […]

GES 2017: PM Narendra Modi invites global entrepreneurs to invest in India

GES 2017: PM Narendra Modi invites global entrepreneurs to invest in India Hard-selling his government’s reforms, Prime Minister Narendra Modi invited global entrepreneurs on Tuesday to come to India, saying that it provides an investment friendly environment where restrictions have been removed and archaic laws abolished. Speaking at Global Entrepreneur Summit 2017, he said over 1,200 outdated laws have been scrapped, 87 rules for foreign investment eased in 21 sectors and […]

Narendra Modi to inaugurate Hyderabad (Telangana) Metro Rail tomorrow

Narendra Modi to inaugurate Hyderabad (Telangana) Metro Rail tomorrow The much-awaited Hyderabad Metro Rail will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday and start commercial operations from 29 November. Billed as the largest metro project in the world in Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode, the project which was once on the brink of collapse is finally coming to a reality. The 30-kilometre stretch from Miyapur to Nagole will […]

Arun Shourie attacks Narendra Modi: Sad descent of an intellectual into unbalanced rage and illogic

The overwhelming emotion of watching Arun Shourie snipe incessantly at Narendra Modi is one of profound sadness. The dazzlingly brilliant public intellectual is so overcome with bitterness these days that he frequently lets hatred interfere with his objectivity. Once Shourie could find no fault with Modi. Now, he finds a byzantine conspiracy in even the prime minister’s shadow. It was breathtaking to note the bilious animosity during Shourie’s NDTV interview […]

Meet Narendra Modi's mother Heeraben, whose blessings the PM seeks on his birthdays

Over three years ago in Gandhinagar, 95-year-old Heeraben watched, teary-eyed, as Narendra Modi vowed to bear true faith and allegiance to India’s Constitution at a ceremony in New Delhi. Her age and health had prevented her from travelling to the Capital to watch her son become India’s fourteenth Prime Minister. But less than four months later, he would come to seek her blessings in person – on his 64th birthday. […]

Raghuram Rajan's revelations on demonetisation: Narendra Modi shouldn’t have ignored his caution

Let’s begin with two questions. One, if Raghuram Rajan didn’t approve of demonetisation “at any point during his term”, how did the government claim it got the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on board some six months before the launch to start preparations for the massively disruptive exercise in the economy? Rajan left the RBI on 4 September 2016 and demonetisation was announced just two months later, on 8 November […]

Will cherish working with you’: PM Modi in letter to Pranab Mukherjee on his last day in office as President

Former President Pranab Mukherjee on Thursday shared a letter he had received from Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his last day in office that touched his heart.  In the letter, PM Modi heaped praise on Mukherjee saying that he had always been “a father figure and a mentor” to him, and that his “wisdom, guidance and warmth” gave him confidence and strength. “Three years ago, I came to New Delhi […]

What did Albert Einstein say on income tax?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi quoted Albert Einstein during his speech at the midnight launch of Goods and Services Tax. Mr. Modi said: “Einstein said if there is something in this world that is difficult to understand, it is income tax. I wonder what he would have said on seeing our multiple tax.” So what is the story behind this quote? According to Quote Investigator, a fact-checking blog, Einstein made this […]

56-Trip PM: A look at Narendra Modi's foreign visits in the last three years

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made 56 foreign visits since assuming charge in May 2014, Parliament was informed on Wednesday. According to a list provided by Minister of State for External Affairs VK Singh in reply to a question in the Lok Sabha, after first visiting Bhutan in June 2014, Modi visited the US four times, and Nepal, Japan, Russia, Afghanistan and China two times each. In September 2014, he […]

Yogi Adityanath as Uttar Pradesh CM: Did PM Modi, Amit Shah succumb to Sangh pressure?

The last-minute choice of Yogi Adityanath, after hectic parleys for a week in Delhi and Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, where the RSS national conclave is set to begin on Sunday, is seen in UP political circles as the resurfacing of differences between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS). Frustration and dissatisfaction loomed large on the faces of party MLAs when they came out of Lok Bhawan, the […]